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Symposium on the 8th Medical Representative Member – Crafts-export
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Symposium on the 8th Medical Representative Member

  Conference theme:Symposium on members of the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress of 2016

  meeting time:March 4, 2016 (afternoon)

  Conference location:Beijing Guobin Hotel

  Moderator (Xu Ming):Representatives, leaders, friends from the media.At the meeting this afternoon, the voice was responsible.The voice carries the hope of the people, and the responsibility is courageous to take responsibility for the revitalization of the country.People enterprises have been whispering, representing members dare to respond, and the development of the industry has something to do.There were representatives from the pharmaceutical community at the meeting. According to the statistics of the meeting, 47 representatives, including 41 medical representatives, and 6 representative members of the medical and medical science and technology circles.This afternoon was discussed by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The National People’s Congress held a preparatory meeting, so some representatives arrived a little later.There were also leaders from the relevant departments of the State Council, the Medical Reform Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments from the State Council.There are also representatives from foreign -funded enterprises, including Pfizer, Novartis and other bosses, presidents of Beijing, Hebei, and Jiangsu Medical Institutions, and some of them also attended our symposium.Some of them are members of the provincial and municipal districts, and some are the heads of the Democratic Party. Today, they are very happy to attend the conference on behalf of the grassroots.Also attending the meeting were Professor Liu Guoen and Mr. Zhu Hengpeng who had been paying attention to and participated in the cause of medical and health reform.

  We also have friends from the media today. They are also the main part of the meeting today. They come from many well -known media in our country, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Youth Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s Daily, People’s DailyXinhuanet, China Network, China Economic Net, China News Network, CCTV, Phoenix.com, Watching Magazine, Finance Magazine, etc., there are more than 43 representatives from the media.Today, the meeting is arranged. Everyone has the agenda in the hands. First of all, we arranged to give a speech by President Pan Pan of the China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association and finished discussions.

  Including the representatives of the two associations, experts and guests, the meeting was concluded by President Yu Mingde of the Medical Enterprise Management Association.Before the meeting, I talked about several conference precautions.First, I hope that each representative, because the afternoon time is limited, can be controlled within five minutes, the speeches of experts and guests can be controlled within three minutes, and we have a few minutes of a few minutes of prompts.Secondly, when each representative expert and guest speak, they can be able to speak simple, close to the industry’s hot and difficult issues, and avoid talking about the issues of enterprise units.Third, please turn off or adjust your mobile phone.We do n’t have a special tea break because of limited time this afternoon. If you go out and drink water, you can arrange it yourself.Except for participating representatives, government leaders and guests, others went in and out of the certificate.At the beginning of the meeting, everyone should not communicate and move privately, especially our media reporters, do not interview in the field. If we interview we have a special interview room outside, we can go outside for interviews.After the interview, I hope everyone, because we have had such a situation before, I hope that the media representatives and the interviewed representatives and guests can verify and prevent deviations.Some representatives in the afternoon have other arrangements. There will be some arrangements in the previous arrangements, and they will speak freely before.Five of them were arranged earlier, they first spoke, and they spoke freely later.Experts, during the discussion and exchange stage, the speech of experts and guests was after the speech of the representative, and we arranged experts from the three industries to speak.In addition to expert speeches, we arranged representatives from the people’s congress from the province and city, and it was also our industry leaders. It was carried out three parts.

  First of all, we welcome Pan Guangcheng, the president of the Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Society.

  Pan Guangcheng, president

  Dear government members of the National People’s Congress of the Medical and Health World.On the occasion of the fourth meeting of the 12th National People’s Congress, 25 Associations and Society in China Medical Industry held the 2016 voice and responsible medical industry representatives of the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress.Formulate policies for competent government departments and improve supervision and suggestions.It is of great significance to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry.As a strategic emerging industry, the pharmaceutical industry has been highly valued by the party and the country. The first working day of the Lunar New Year will hold executive meetings to promote the innovation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry, better serve the people’s livelihood, and stable growth.The first executive meeting of the State Council focuses on the pharmaceutical and health industry, indicating that the pharmaceutical health industry has attracted the attention of the state, and it also means the development of the pharmaceutical industry and facing unprecedented opportunities.During the 12th Five -Year Plan period, the pharmaceutical industry developed smoothly and healthy.By the end of 2015, the main business income of the pharmaceutical industry would be 2.68 trillion, a year -on -year increase of 9.02%.The total profit was 27.43 billion yuan, an increase of 12.21%year -on -year, and the export delivery value was 174.5 billion yuan.This year is the beginning of the 13th Five -Year Plan. It is important to start a good start.Since the symposium of the medical committee in 2009, the annual seminars have received positive responses from the pharmaceutical industry, the representatives of the National People’s Congress, and members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and have an increasing impact.We firmly believe that with the effective supervision of the CPPCC of the People’s Congress at all levels and the transformation of government functions, the pharmaceutical industry played the absolute role of the market for resource allocation during the 2016 and even 13th Five -Year Plan period.Innovation -driven, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, stable development, improving the scale of enterprises, and intensive and international development level.Promoting the transformation of the pharmaceutical industry from large to strong, the pharmaceutical industry will usher in the Spring Festival of great development.Finally, I wish the symposium a complete success, thank you all.

  He Junming, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sichuan Science and Technology Group:

  Thanks to the organizer for this event each year.Secondly, thank us for the main leaders of various committees, minists, office, and bureaus.Third, thank the news media and journalists for their support for sound and responsibility.Here I give two opinions and one suggestion.One opinion is that I hope that the State Commission and the State Commission, relevant departments, relevant departments, relevant offices, and relevant bureaus will organize more such meetings to listen to the voice of the representatives of the medical industry.Don’t just work in the two sessions, the others are missing such activities.

  The second opinion is also the relevant committee of the country. What are the industrial content of the big health industry as soon as possible. Which are big health?Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping’s report has proposed the big health industry.But now it’s almost two or three years. Many people in the pharmaceutical industry are engaged in the big health industry and are talking about big health.What belongs to?Now I hope to put the industry in the industry as soon as possible, the benchmark, the enterprise, or the product bid, and the technical standard. This should be researching it. These are two opinions mentioned by the relevant ministries and commissions of the state.

  The second proposal is that our enterprise suggests to be voted, but the State Administration of Special Petroleum, including the State Administration of Quality, should increase quantitative testing and management of Chinese medicinal materials and Chinese medicines.The quantitative and management of proprietary Chinese medicine is also difficult.For example, musk, about 40 or more, but what should I do if 35 to 40, 45 or more?This is impossible to rely on a business or a province.Then our Oil General Administration should propose to increase the corresponding, and so on.This problem cannot be solved. Many quality problems cannot be solved, and many companies are harmed.In particular, the production of Chinese medicines, or Chinese medicinal materials, or Chinese medicinal materials are operated. The definition of quality management is recommended to increase investment.

  In the last point, I watched many suggestions we made in recent years, including the National People’s Congress, the representative, and the members of the CPPCC also hoped that our relevant ministries or related companies, or the relevant personnel, including experts can implement it as soon as possible.Make more and implement less.Many policies, enterprises give the government to Gonggong, so can everyone study related policies as soon as possible.Biomedicine, biomedicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicinal materials, medical systems, and the development of large healthy categories to enter the market as soon as possible.

  Guan Yanbin, chairman and president of Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group:

  At the opening of the two sessions, everyone gathered together to exert the industry’s voice and fulfill the responsibilities of a representative and members.Thanks to the organizer for having such meaningful activities. In this opportunity, I want to talk about three opinions.The first point of view is about the price. At the two sessions every year, I have to make a sound around the price of drugs. In the past year, our country is mixed in drug prices.Hi, the price of drugs that have been appealed for many years has finally been liberalized. From the past government pricing, the management of the Development and Reform Commission to the market price, this is really good for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.Because it is in line with market laws, it is well received and supported by the pharmaceutical industry.On the other hand, the front door of the drug price is released, and the back door is closed.Then a secondary bargain makes this price not enforce the market regulations in nature. The point of view I want to say is that we know the price, on the one hand, we have liberalized the price, on the otherIn the considerable media, the price of drugs is still high, which is a major problem to solve in the current medical reform.So how do you look at the price, while calling the price of drugs as high?The point I want to say is that without a profit, it will not have production and supply.If there is no reasonable profit, it is impossible to improve the quality of drugs.If there is no suitable profit in the manufacturer and medicines, it will definitely hinder and affect the innovation, research and development, and development of the pharmaceutical industry, and it will not be able to overtake the advanced level of the world.

  Therefore, a price, seemingly price itself is about the development of the industry.It affects the future of this industry, so medical reforms or our financial investment in medical insurance is limited, and we should find a way from multiple parties.Instead of focusing on the prices of drug manufacturers and drugs, it will seriously affect the development of our industry. The quality of drugs and the innovation and future of the ethnic industry.A good curative effect, there is no high quality to ensure, it is a harm for the people.Because taking Chinese medicine as an example, if you want good quality, the quality of the medicinal materials must be good.Good medicinal materials and general medicinal materials and poor medicinal materials can be said to be more than ten times the difference.Therefore, as a guidance, on the issue of price, since the country has clearly liberalized drug prices, it should follow the law of the market, instead of the second bargaining of administrative administration, etc. This will affect the development of the industry.This is the first point I talked.

  The second point is about evaluation. At present, there is already a very loud and harsh voice from the national regulatory authorities, that is, the consistency of chemicals is required to be priced.I fully support this decision, and I also think that this decision is correct for changing and improving the quality and efficacy of drugs.However, in terms of specific implementation methods, we should be cautious. We should consider our objective reality and should be implemented.The per capita medical expenses of our country are less than $ 600, and the per capita medical expenses of the United States exceed $ 6,000, such a large disparity.However, the average health life of the Chinese people after the founding of the People’s Republic of China has reached the level of the world’s medium -sized level, so we can have such a good result of our country’s medicine and medicine.So in terms of medicine, there are traditional Chinese medicine and our generic drugs.From the perspective of history, we should say that our generic drugs have supported most of the medical career in the motherland.Then the motivation and purpose of carrying out this are good. If you are cut by a company, then some companies may not bear it.Therefore, it is worth demonstrating a proper method.

  The third point is the management method of recently introduced Chinese medicine formula particles.Our Chinese medicine formula particles have formed a monopoly in the past ten years.Under the appeal in the industry, under the appeal of many parties, it finally broke this monopoly.The new Chinese medicine formula granules have been introduced.Then my suggestion is that the method of this formula granular should follow the market law and reduce administrative intervention.

  Zhao Dongke, vice chairman of Shaanxi Dongke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

  First of all, thanks to the organizer each year for our voice and responsibility for us. It has indeed worked a lot of effort to do a lot of work for the healthy development of our industry and expressed its gratitude.I want to talk about two questions.I have recently thought that we are proposing every year, and every time the government introduces one thing, we are mentioning opinions.So have we changed our living environment for so many years?No change, the problem is more serious.Another aspect, think about the government so much effort in medical reform, and introduced so many measures and methods.But did you solve the problem of being difficult to see a doctor?No.I just thought, can we solve the problem every year, so we put forward such proposals, suggestions, and opinions?It seems to have solved a little bit, and it seems that it has not been solved.More and more serious, what’s the reason?That is, the government wants to solve the problem of the poor.Then this problem cannot be solved, the government will toss you when you are angry, just a simple problem.So why did the medical reform not good?I was thinking that the medical reform was a bottomless hole. I don’t know how much money can be filled, so I can’t do it well.There are eight major interest groups on this, all of which are pursuing their own interests to maximize their interests. This problem is not solved, and the government is very angry.You want the hospital to charge a high fee. Today, there is a member of the member Yu Zhengsheng.Chairman Yu said that doctors have high treatment, and actual doctors have a particularly low treatment.Doctors’ performance income is prone to problems.Therefore, the hospital is high, and doctors must also have high income. Then patients must enjoy high -quality medical treatment, as well as the largest reimbursement amount.Our pharmaceutical companies also want to be high in drug prices, and some people want to put their hands into this. How can the medical reform do?It must be good.

  I just want to have a problem, how to do a good job in medical reform, solve the problem of seeking a doctor of the poor, and turn the bottomless hole into a bottomed hole.Can you solve it?I think it can be solved.I made a hypothesis to close all our third -level hospitals, and all the medicines with a daily amount of more than five dollars were sold. Can the poor people see a doctor?I think it can be solved.The doctors at the third -level hospital are all there. He ran to the secondary hospital to optimize the patient.So how does our pharmaceutical industry develop?At that point, the 10 trillion yuan solved the problem of seeing the poor. The government was very happy. How did the medical industry shrink?How does the hospital develop?How does our medical care developer develop?Is there any way?I think there are still.Because the problem of the poor is resolved, our medical companies in the doctor hospital helped the government solve the problem of the poor.The remaining is the issue of the rich. Now it is known as the middle class of two billion yuan. We still have great health, and the chronic disease has exceeded 500 million. We are now preventing diseases and treating diseases.Our Chinese medicine has great potential, and I think there is still a lot of room for development in the pharmaceutical industry.Therefore, we must not only solve the problem of the poor people and the development of our industry. We must have profits, and the hospital doctors must have high income.So how to do it?First help the government solve the problem of the poor people, and then the development of the pharmaceutical industry’s pharmaceutical industry.I think there is still a way.

  There is a special meeting this year, which is to study the reform of the medical system.Let Vice Chairman Han Qide hosted and investigated. I think this is an opportunity. We think about it. From our bank, we can get rid of it and stand on the perspective of the government to solve the problem of the poor.In addition, it is called on the government to solve the development of industry and industry. I feel that both problems can be solved. This is the first problem I talked about.

  The second question is not to mention the medical change today.I said that the bidding and procurement proposal for several years. The bidding purchase cannot be resolved. It is getting more and more powerful. You can let me solve this and you can’t solve it.Then I mentioned the development of traditional Chinese medicine this year, Academician Zhang was opposite.Traditional Chinese medicine has shrunk over the years and has shrunk.what is the reason?The idea of using western medicine to manage Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine has shrunk. We are facing a lot of problems in Chinese medicine now?Many folk Chinese medicine is closed.In 2004 and 2005, they hit illegal medical practice twice, hitting some of the illegal medical practice of illegal medicine, and destroying some of the Chinese medicine teams.So this time my proposal is how to establish an independent traditional Chinese medicine regulatory system, give full play to the characteristics of Chinese medicine, and ensure the healthy development of Chinese medicine.

  Liu Qun, Chairman of Chongqing Tiansheng Drug Co., Ltd.:

  Thanks to the organizing committee, we talk about medical reforms every year. We cannot meet the medical needs of the people, so we need to do medical reform.In fact, various departments, including the Ministry of Health, including the Drug Administration, and the National Development and Reform Commission have issued many policies. In fact, the policy is very good, and the key is not implemented.It can be said that everyone knows the issue of the big hospital and the city. I don’t think we dare to start in the policy. In fact, the large hospital closed the gate of the gate and pushed these to the small hospital.Therefore, I suggest that all outpatient clinics at or above the provincial level are closed. This is a precedent for foreign countries.

  The second is differentiated medical services, which is the problem of more practicing doctors. You can go to practice more. If you are willing to practice more, you can choose to be selected by the doctor and do not need to determine the hospital.Doctors can choose more practice or choose a single -point practice, don’t force him.We think that doctors do not do medicine everywhere. I am willing to follow the doctor, and I am willing to practice single.It’s just where your medical insurance cost is paid. The doctor association is the doctor’s home.EssenceThe third point greatly improves the medical service treatment of doctors, which I agree with this.Because now the large hospital is registered for ten dollars and twenty dollars?If you open a few CTs, you will save it, right?Therefore, I think we have tried many provinces to improve the service treatment of doctors and increase the cost of examination. It does not solve the problem.The cost of medicine is not high in medical expenses, which is wrong.So the doctor’s service fee can be greatly increased. What does it mean to increase this?They are all doing this.Don’t go to the hospital to see a doctor and register, don’t know what you are doing.Therefore, through medical technology, I have a real sense of pride. I accept 500 yuan for the doctor.

  The classification of the third profitable medical institution is inaccurate, and the three categories should be modified and modified.Technical, professional and characteristic medical institutions allow doctors to truly engage in his professional disease treatment. Below the provincial level can be divided into professional and technical waters.The hospitals are technical, depending on minor illnesses.The problem of medical insurance will be clear immediately. This thing is very simple, but it is not good.

  Fourth, create a medical service network to achieve effective patient treatment.This is easy to solve. A lot of money is not used to really serve patients.

  The fifth is the basic drug problem. Basic drugs are formulated by the state. The state should establish an open and standardized system, rather than finding a few people to tick and tick out the basic drugs.Do not turn the basic drug system into privatization and blurring. I suggest that all therapeutic cheap drugs should be included in the basic drugs to restore cheap drugs to production.These drugs do not need to be discussed. China has spent thousands of years of small Chinese medicines. Many drugs only enter basic drugs and do not need to choose. You let these general drugs use it on the market.Now everyone calls on the market to not buy medicines, which is caused by policy.We are now vigorously opening up the hospital. This pays special attention to the guidance and management of private hospitals, and regulates the management of private hospitals. One is to manage him and support him.Manage him, there are problems with private hospitals now. Comrades of the medical insurance department are here. I proposed that medical insurance hanging beds are very serious. On the one hand, the cost of medical insurance is seriously insufficient. Medical insurance cards are collected everywhere.Walk.In our country, so many people look down on and ask the society for help. What does our medical insurance department solve?You don’t solve the actual problems.Therefore, medical insurance also means that he is not sick about medical treatment. He hangs medical care without disease.And Chinese private hospitals, I support the development of private hospitals and encourage doctors.However, private hospitals that sprung up in the rain cannot become a major place for medical insurance costs.

  Nowadays, people’s thoughts have changed a lot. Chairman Mao used to say a word. It was very important to put medical doctors to the countryside.Chairman Mao instructed this sentence in 62 years that I think this can be taken out and re -to do it.This is a medical problem.

  The problem of pharmaceuticals, because there are too many pharmaceutical companies in China now, I think this is a market problem. It has nothing to do with government departments. As a national drug regulatory bureau, it should be open to support, and encourage pharmaceutical companies to merge and reorganize.Chinese companies now say that there are 6,000 pharmaceutical companies. If a company collects only 600 groups for ten groups, if one hundred is received, only sixty.I support a series of actions of the country’s products, including research and development of these countries, including the problem of drug electronic supervision codes. I support this.There is also the monopoly of drug production raw materials, and the country should attach great importance to it.The batch of the production of raw medicines is encouraged to produce raw materials for production.Because there is no way to limit the monopoly, but I have a large number of people to produce, and I use the market to solve this problem.Encourage the supervision of the whole process and support the management of drugs.Let’s talk about a problem of medicine circulation. A non -prescription medicine is just like foreign countries. It can be prescribed in the mall. It is an over -the -counter medicine. Just as a food, how to buy and how to buy it.For the bidding of medicines, I think that various provinces should be implemented to return cheap drugs to the market.We must be high -quality quality and reasonable prices, so that our products can really survive.Divided prices and price systems are implemented.

  Make three suggestions for medical insurance.I think that the country of medical insurance, the Ministry of Labor Security independently came out below the Ministry of Labor Insurance, set up the Medical Insurance Supervision Commission, let go of medical insurance services to form a medical insurance competition system.The catalog of medical insurance medications is also as open, standardized, and standardized as the base medicine.The second is that the medical insurance must be controlled. I just talked about the medical insurance card. The medical insurance card could not be sold.The third medical insurance shall not swipe the card to buy non -drug, and encourage them to transfer funds into the money. Do not take out the money.

  Xie Zilong, Chairman of Hunan People’s Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd.:

  Thank you very much for holding such a meeting.As a member of the industry, we should support this action. This should be for the symposium, support, and praise.Participating in the two sessions is the proposal of 30 proposals, all of which make some suggestions and opinions on hot issues and difficult problems around the industry.I want to take advantage of such an opportunity, especially related to our medicine, especially with my personal proposal and suggestion. I am enthusiastic and thoughtful.Taking advantage of this opportunity to make two suggestions, the first I suggest that the Department of Medical Insurance of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security should introduce relevant regulations.Why do you say so?Maternal and infants, especially infant formula, have risen a national strategy, at least the executive meeting of the State Council has been passed.Then I think that the medical insurance across the country has this problem, restrictions, and simple and rude restrictions.I want to use this opportunity to talk about it again, and ask the Medical Insurance Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to focus on it.The practice of medical insurance in the country is almost common.And what do I want to sell as a business entity?What is business because it has nothing to do with the competent department.Except for special permission.As for saying that I violated the relevant agreement, it is now the agreement.You should punish us in violation of relevant regulations. This should be, so such a suggestion I hope that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will attach enough attention.I will also make this suggestion today, and today I have to visit the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.This seriously affects the healthy development of our entire industry, which is a suggestion.

  The second suggestion, I suggest to introduce relevant policies. Each of our functional departments should listen to management opinions and opinions from all aspects of society.There are too many lessons in our aspect, including the lawsuit of the electronic supervision code. I hope that whether we are supervisors or supervisors, we should attach enough attention and strengthen communication and contact.Let the two sides build a platform for mutual trust and communication.Let the relationship between our two parties be more harmonious, don’t move to fight a lawsuit.And as a functional department, we must understand whether it is enterprise or citizen. This awareness of rights protection is becoming more and more strong. If some regulations do not meet the operation of operations and do not meet the objective laws, I think this situation may be serious in the future.

  Lu Chunyun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangsu Taizhou Pharmaceutical High -tech Zone:

  This time with such an opportunity to participate in such a meeting, it is very important for the development of our pharmaceutical industry.I put two suggestions, one is about the automatic advice of innovative drugs to enter the medical insurance directory. I think the 13th Five -Year Plan has put forward the concept of innovative development.Enterprise innovation is also the source and fundamental source of enterprise development, but the innovation of medicine has a long period of time and a large cost of research and development.Not only the business of an enterprise, the country should also provide a loose and good policy environment for innovative enterprises.You think the United States and Japan can enter the medical insurance reimbursement directory after half a year and one year. Germany and the United Kingdom are shorter and can enter for two months.And we do not have an effective policy measure, so I recommend automatically enter the medical insurance directory automatically, including two aspects.One is to include innovative drugs in the national medical insurance directory. For countries where innovative new drugs have obtained price approval, it should be clearly encouraged to enter clinical use as soon as possible. Through a competitive negotiation mechanism, you can enter the evaluation after one year of listing. Enter the reimbursement directory to enter the reimbursement directoryEssenceThrough the rapid passage entering the medical insurance catalog, no longer through the centralized procurement of drugs and the secondary bargaining session of the hospital, so you can enter the hospital immediately as a clinical experiment.

  Second, we must standardize the medical insurance catalog and update the cycle of the conditions.The current national medical insurance catalog is updated every four to five years, and it can no longer adapt to the innovation of the product and the rapid innovation of the product. After you innovate, you have not entered the directory for four years and five years, which far affects the enthusiasm of the enterprise’s innovation.Therefore, I suggest to shorten the bidding period of drugs. For newly listed innovative drugs in the procurement cycle of the drug, establish a green channel for supplementary and filing and procurement. The update cycle can be shortened to one adjustment every two years, one year of supplement, and strict implementation.Secondly, the scientific evaluation mechanism of the screening of medical insurance and drug catalogs should clarify the evaluation standards and conditions for innovative drugs to enter the medical insurance directory.Increase the special achievements created by major national new drugs into the medical insurance directory.The state has a very clear policy for innovation drugs, so it will effectively encourage our new drugs.Now the new drug innovation medicine cannot enter the directory, and cannot enter a medical insurance directory such as reimbursement.The enthusiasm of seriously affecting corporate innovation is one I want to mention.

  Another suggestion on supporting and encouraging the development of orphan drugs.At present, Europe and the United States have very clear definitions and standards for orphanage, and our country does not.Therefore, I suggest to introduce and gradually improve relevant regulations, and put forward relatively clear and clear official definitions to orphan drugs through legislation.Clarify the specific departments responsible for auditing, approve the application of orphan drug identity, and as a prerequisite for enjoying the incentive policy of orphan drugs.At the same time, the corresponding policies for the development and listing of orphan drugs are introduced.You have to provide a very fast green channel for the approval of orphan drugs.At the same time, orphan drugs expand the scope of medical insurance and basic drug directory.Because there are still many orphan drugs in China, I think this is our two policies. I want to echo our people and can support corporate innovation.

  Zhu Hengpeng, director of the Micro Economic Research Office of the Institute of Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:

  I want to speak according to the representative.Just now Zhao Dongke had two proposals and felt that he could turn off the three hospitals. I know he is a hypothesis.I think it can extend two suggestions. First, we should guide the three. The chairman Liu Qun put forward just now that it is impossible to be frank.The people must not agree, but there can be a way to lead the doctor to come out. This is okay.The second recommended medicine for more than five dollars is not used. I think it is extreme. The medical insurance has a clear thing that the ordinary people can execute it according to the directory. I can reimburse 80%to more than 85%, but if you exceed the directory standardTo pay for it at your own expense.Why did I extend the two boss and the people’s congress representatives. I noticed that what we did is a Chinese medicine company. I can only make such a suggestion from the information I surveyed.The first is that everyone in Sanlin Medical Reform knows that his Chinese medicines have dropped from 15%to 0 a year. In order to reduce, the three hospitals have eliminated all Chinese medicines and Chinese medicines.I asked the dean, and he said that the traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine in hospitalization were not dedicated to clinical.I read the medicines of the three hospitals. Chinese medicine and Chinese medicines accounted for 30%to 40%of Chinese medicines, but no more than 5%during the hospitalization process.Combined with the suggestions of Chairman Liu Qun, Chinese medicine Chinese medicine is not the main medication in the 3rd Hospital. You just said that you cut out the clinic.We Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers have strong marketing capabilities in these years.I personally cooperate with hierarchical therapy and cooperate with our medical insurance. Can Chinese medicine companies take the lead in leading the transformation?This is also in line with the direction of the national medical reform. You and your doctor have a good relationship. You know what doctors think, how to lead them to the grassroots level, and reduce medical expenses. This is a critical reform direction.Then the Chairman Xie Zilong said a bit, I don’t know why he didn’t support the sales of prescription drugs. I recommend letting go as soon as possible.Although there is no progress in medicine separately for so many years, the sales of prescription drug guarantee can be boosted.The second helps to push Internet medical.

  Zhang Boli, president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering:

  Every time I come to meet, but I suggest that the two words should be reversed, first of all responsibility and voice, and speak for responsibility.I opened the door to see the mountains. This year’s Spring Festival has 5 million tourists from Japan, spending 6 billion. The main thing I bought was toilet lid and rice cooker last year. What is this year?drug.So I am very concerned about this. As a person in the pharmaceutical industry, I ca n’t be happy about the news. The Chinese have greatly promoted the Japanese pharmaceutical industry.There are no big medicines for the medicines bought, including fever and wound stickers. These small medicines are all these small medicines.Why do Chinese people buy these medicines there?Give me two tips.He believes that Japan’s medicine manufacturing is better and at ease.The second small medicine is not easy to buy in China and can be bought in Japan.Therefore, in turn reminds our Chinese pharmaceutical companies in this case, everyone must stand in the world to see our industry, and the global economy is downturn.The global economy is declining, and the global growth rate is less than 1%, so China has reached 6.9, which is quite outstanding.And our pharmaceutical industry far exceeds this number, so everyone shouted well, this see.But this stage of decline adjustment also gives us opportunities.There are many questions. The experts just mentioned a lot of insights, all worth considering.But what should I do?It is a systematic engineering if you can’t do anything about what a big country in China does.Medicine and medicine, coupled with the national system, and the situation in all parts of our country is inconsistent.

  So I think that the problem of medical reform is not a problem discussed today, I talk to pharmaceutical companies.The first innovative drug is to be developed, but now the big health industry, the State Council specially publishes a text that reaches 8 trillion trillion health services by 2020, including these small health cares and health foods bought in Japan.Shouldn’t you pay attention?The market in this area is very large.It is much larger than the pharmaceutical market, so the direction of research and development should be paid attention to.I think its potential is very great.The relatively difficult difficulty in development technology is relatively low.The second and more important aspects are currently our Chinese medicine. It should be said that the entire output and output value should be.But the quality is not complimented, so recently my proposal is also the quality of the entire pharmaceutical industry to improve.The Made in China 2025 plan has been officially implemented, and the eight areas include the pharmaceutical industry.As far as I know, there are hundreds of social workshops to start, none of them are medicine.So how can we guarantee the efficiency of the system under the normal economic situation?In the manufacturing industry, the entire pharmaceutical manufacturing has now reached 2.0 to achieve channelization and semi -automated.3.0 is a large digital pharmaceutical, what do we do now?4.0 is a smart pharmaceutical, what do we do?The gap is greater.So seize this opportunity and improve the level of manufacturing.If we improve this tide to develop faster, not only health products, German medicine European medicine will occupy our market, and ordinary people will choose.Therefore, I can improve all entrepreneurs to improve their quality in these aspects and work hard. At the same time, national policies must be supported, high -quality and high -quality prices.Including tax reform, including incorporating expenses, enjoy the reduction fee.

  Li Lanjuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang University Medical Department:

  Everyone here is the representative of the medical industry. I am a doctor who uses medicine every day, so I feel very touched by participating in this.First of all, I feel that our own nation’s industry and the pharmaceutical industry of the nation hope to accelerate development.As a doctor, I often say that using good medicines is imported drugs, good quality equipment is imported equipment, a lot of money is earned by foreigners. We doctors have prescribed prescriptions.It is necessary to attract our high attention.We need to develop our own economy now, so the pharmaceutical industry is a large industry, and we also have some good medicines.I suggest that we want to develop the national industry. Academician Zhang said, why is the first why we are so uncomfortable?The quality preparation of our medicine, I think it should catch up with the world.Now that mass entrepreneurship, this problem must be valued.Secondly, I learned that it was too difficult for us to apply for a new medicine. It took many years to report new medicines. I think it should be slowed on the application for new drug procedures.We have done a lot of work, and the standard processes abroad are strict.We also have it in China, but relatively speaking, its standard process does not have international requirements.So I think it is necessary to strictly require and have efficient products.This is very important for the development of our pharmaceutical industry. We Chinese are not stupid. We are also smart. We have good preparations and varieties to strengthen this work.One is the process of approval, and the other is to improve quality.It is best to have a plan for this matter.Some medicines need to do technical research, and they can’t come out without technical research.So this is used as a high -quality product for our clinicians.Just now, there are many valuable things in Chinese medicine in our country, some of which are very commonly used, and also won the Nobel Prize.Therefore, for thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine, the knowledge accumulated by our predecessors must be summarized and promoted.

  With the arrival of the genetic age, the current technology of molecular life, these advanced technologies have raised our medical industry to the best level.For our clinicians, they need to take medicine and check reasonably.The medicine that should be used should be used. As a patient, as long as you need it, the reasonable medication should be given.The disorderly use of chaos should be prohibited. There are cheap medicines now. The effect of good effects is very low but unwilling to produce. We can’t get it. I think these problems should also be solved.At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is not only the focus of the prosperity of our nation, but also an important party for the economic and social development of our country.It is also an industry that we need to be needed by health products, which should be supported and developed.

  Ren Wuxian, chairman of Shanxi Baopao Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.:

  I have made three suggestions.The first is the suggestion of suggesting a non -prescription drug system.The non -prescription drug market has surpassed Japan in 2009 and has become the world’s second largest market.It is predicted that our country may surpass the United States in 2020 and exceed the world’s largest over -the -counter drug market.However, the brand building and development of over -the -counter drugs this year are relatively slow, especially media reports to buy a large number of over -the -counter drugs from abroad.This shows that the quality of our country has a certain gap with Europe and the United States. I think there are still many gaps in dosage forms and tastes.In 1999, the management methods of prescription drugs and non -prescription drugs released by the State Drug Administration in 1999 have been classified for 18 years. The management measures cannot fully reflect the characteristics of over -the -counter drugs.The prescription drugs and non -prescription drugs have not achieved a comprehensive classification management, which limits over -prescription innovation.On the other hand, there is no classification of non -prescription drugs. The application process of non -prescription drugs and prescription drugs are consistent.The current regulations are relatively stricter to dosage form, which limits the innovation of non -prescription medicine.The technical requirements of applying prescription drugs have caused a waste of resources for non -prescribed drugs to face the resources of objective technical difficulties and the approval of the drug inspection department.According to the principles of the consistency of the quality of generic drugs, many quality prescription drugs are completed in 2018. This time, the prescription drug and prescription medicine are used for a standard. This needs to be discussed.Can the non -prescription drugs different from consistency evaluation?It is recommended to formulate a separate packaging of non -prescription drugs in accordance with the characteristics of the non -prescription medicine.The second is the policy requirements of non -prescription drugs, and the guidance principles of non -prescription drug conversion are established.The fourth is to formulate the management regulations of packaging and identification of independent brands and independent brands.This is my suggestion on the management system of the non -prescription drug.

  The second is the implementation of the implementation of the evaluation of the implementation of the quality of drugs and the implementation of the efficacy.These aspects increase the difficulty of enterprises, and some increase the cost of the enterprise.It is recommended to speed up the implementation rules, especially at present, to evaluate consistency.The implementation of the implementation rules is very urgent. These need to be carefully studied, for the reform of the dosage form, etc., the policies for the introduction of opinions are solicited, and the evaluation will be quickly.The third aspect of the implementation of the implementation of clinical research.Because the key to the products reported earlier is in terms of clinical research. When clinical units are introduced, we have to withdraw.Therefore, the implementation of clinical research must be produced clinically, so that enterprises can guide enterprises to conduct research in accordance with the implementation rules in clinical research, so that enterprises will not cause more resource waste, waste of funds, and waste of time.

  Hu Jiqiang, Chairman of Zhejiang Kang En Bi Group:

  Thanks to the organizer thanks to the attention of various media for their attention to the pharmaceutical industry. Thank you for your emphasis on the industry.The suggestions made last year have basically feedback, and it should be said that it still attaches great importance to it.There were two proposals, let’s talk briefly.The first is about attaching importance to the clinical admission of traditional Chinese medicine.In recent years, some Chinese medicines have been listed as auxiliary medications in the bidding of local medical insurance and hospitals, or some hospitals have clearly proposed that new Chinese medicine varieties will not enter.Then such a policy is against the principle of market competition, and it also violates the relevant policies supported by the state.The Chinese Medicine Hospital is about to introduce. The State Council has issued a policy of supporting the traditional Chinese medicine industry this year. It is hoped that the relevant departments of the State Health and Family Planning Commission will issue a policy to prohibit the market access policy of provinces and localities discriminating against Chinese medicine.This is the first question.

  The second problem is about retail pharmacies.Retail pharmacies are more allowed to market. What did the first retail pharmacy operate just now?I think any department has no right to intervene and should not intervene.From the perspective of supervision, it is your own responsibility. Between you and him, if he treats other varieties as a medical insurance cost of medicine, you can cancel its qualifications, but you cannot make restricted regulations.In some places, the medical insurance department said that you cannot sell non -drug. This policy is not allowed and should be prohibited.The second is that retail pharmacies are basically paid by personal accounts. Since this is the medical insurance department should not restrict the price of drugs, because he uses his own money to care about him.Let the pharmacy admission according to the market. If you use the government’s overall funds to spend, you do it in accordance with your rules.

  The third point is about medical insurance e -commerce.Mr. Zhu just said very reasonable and should open the market.You can control which medicines are not allowed to be sold online, such as psychotic drug poisonous drugs, but all drugs should be allowed to be sold on the Internet. This is B2B that B2C is not necessary to manage it at all, and now the Internet era.The business of the enterprise and the enterprise is all on the Internet. We have to issue a certificate. There is no reason at all. There is no need to manage it at all.I have always emphasized this view during the drafting process of the E -Commerce Law. Many departments restrict this thing. This is a hindering the industrial Internet, so I let go as soon as possible.

  In the fourth point, our Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the agricultural department are still very supportive of the production of Chinese medicinal materials. Now we have new tasks. We must complete a comprehensive well -off during the 13th Five -Year Plan period. The comprehensive well -off must solve the problem of 60 million rural poverty alleviation.The agricultural traditional Chinese medicine industry is a good path to solve the problem of poverty alleviation.Therefore, the industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine companies should be encouraged to extend upstream, increase support for industrialized planting in poverty alleviation areas, and formulate special regulations.

  Ankang, Chairman of Henan Hualan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.:

  I am honored to attend this meeting.I feel that some new suggestions are put forward every year. Now discussions can achieve some results. For example, the reform of the new drug review system we put forward, we have felt that the reform is underway.Although there are still some incomplete places, this progress is worthy of our encouragement.Then I make a few suggestions.First, what exactly is the concept of the big health just mentioned?No matter how big this ship is, even if it is an aircraft carrier, there are too many people on the board, and they still have to sink.Everyone has the concept of great health, and all industries have hype the concept of great health.So big health can you bear it?So I suggest that the concept and scope of great health as soon as possible.The second is the concept and scope of orphan drugs. We should formulate the variety and scope of Chinese orphans.Make a suggestion for the production and sales of orphan drugs.

  The first proposal to restrict the price of orphan drugs.PNC I control the market 80%, during the 12th Five -Year Plan.Although the price has been liberalized, it is not dare to say as an enterprise, because it involves survival, its health conditions, and the medication of hemophilia patients has increased ten times. It was originally used for hospital rescue.Later, the hospital was used when he found bleeding. Now when he found hemophilia, the 8 factor and 9 factor should be used, so it is ten times.Today’s medical insurance reimbursement is 70%, and the cost is still increasing.I interviewed some of Shanxi’s bloody patients’ homes in the Spring Festival, and it was pitiful.Our country is developing, and we have been wasted by corrupt officials so much. Why can’t we take out money to solve the reimbursement of orphan diseases.So I made a suggestion, the first price limit, the second tax exemption, and the third drug of orphan drugs are free. I hope that the relevant departments, the Ministry of Finance or other departments can see if it is possible?

  In addition, one is different from other representatives.The electronic regulatory code, our biological product industry is the earliest execution of the electronic regulatory code, which has achieved great results.I suggest not only in biological products, we are vaccines, blood products and diagnostic preparations.Continuously implement the electronic regulatory code, but also perform VVM. This involves the storage conditions of the drug, not only the electronic regulatory code, but also the storage conditions of the medicine.Watch the news to cancel the electronic supervision code. You cancel it without any consideration, and you will be established as soon as you beat your head. Today, you will be canceled again as soon as you shoot your head. This is accidentally irresponsible.I still recommend that the electronic regulatory code is divided into the industry. If you are not useful to implement the electronic regulatory code in Chinese medicine and oral drugs, then the electronic regulatory code must be implemented in biomedicine.Can our biological products be Internet biological products?Strengthen its implementation?There are many problems with biological products and vaccines during your tender.For example, Sichuan has arrested many people and caught the director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in various provinces.The reason is the intermediate link. If we implement the Internet and implement e -commerce to enable the disease control center to buy directly from the manufacturer, then I think these links will be better.

  Liu Baoen:

  I have to talk about two points.One is to strengthen the reform of the supply side of the medical service system. In fact, Comrade Liu Qun in front of this has mentioned that I make a supplement and emphasis.Why strengthen the supply -side reform of the medical service system.From 09 to the present, we have done two systems of system construction. One is the construction of the medical insurance system. This is relatively effective, but the construction of our medical service system is too slow.Therefore, the reform of the supply side must be a job we are currently facing.The real problem of supply -side reform is the problem of congestion of large hospitals. The solution of the big data congestion problem is compared with the graded diagnosis and treatment, and we will do a good job of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment from slogans to action.We from the demander of the management to the supplier, why?The hierarchical diagnosis and treatment service system must meet the needs of medical services.According to the theory of epidemiology and the distribution of influx, the Chinese people are 365 days a year, and one of the ten people needs to be hospitalized once.There are seven people on average at 365 days, so our hospital must reform.Our hospital mainly treats inpatient patients, and the clinic is responsible for ordinary outpatient clinics.This must be a system that we will be established in the future and modernly meet the distribution of flow disease.If we have closed these, who are responsible for these people from the big hospital?We allow most of them to transform into, be able to bear general medical services, and become society.Therefore, it creates an environment for the whole society and doctors to build a whole society from various aspects such as occupation, social security, medical insurance, promotion, and taxation.If the common people do clinics, if the large hospital is closed in a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, the people will definitely turn off.

  The other is the relationship between the two markets of medicine and medicine. This is the last point I talked about.I think that the two markets of medical and insurance must be treated separately.Why do you say that?Because the supply of our medical insurance market is that our pharmaceutical factory is a circulating enterprise, and the demand is a hospital. The patient has not yet come in.Therefore, the pharmaceutical market has the conditions for our economics and competition.Therefore, there is no need to interfere in the pharmaceutical industry, including the market of consumables, and the government is not necessary.Therefore, the pharmaceutical market is completely in market competition conditions, which is the pharmaceutical market.The reason is simple.At the same time, our medical service market, because the patients have come in, so we have now we have a medical insurance system covering 97%. The medical insurance system has formed a mechanism for negotiating at the peer negotiation of big data and medical service institutions to form a health -based health production.Effective and fair payment means based on out.This payment method focuses on the end. In this case, our hospital turns consumables for medicinal equipment into his cost center.Market intervention returns to a very harmonious and fair medical service system.


  I only talk about one point of view.Now that we have held this industry symposium during the two sessions, we try to focus on legislation as close as possible. I will talk about the legislation of rights today.For four or five years of participating in the medical reform, a general suggestion is a sentence, which must surpass the game of the department and cross the governance according to law.The General Secretary has said a few words and puts their rights in the cage, including the evaluation criteria for reform this Monday, to see if the people have a real sense of gain.What does the people in our industry, what do people need to get in the medical and health industry?What is the easiest to get?Is it some money?Or simple service, actually not.For the current situation of our industry, the most important thing for ordinary people should obtain rights.Now that our patients are almost deprived of the rights of patients, this is also the most important problem in the development of the industry.After the rights are deprived, they are scattered up and down of various industries.Then there is no way to solve it in the development of many industries.

  for example.For example, the prescription problem, we all know that prescription monopoly is a very serious and troublesome thing. The market economy must be developed and the pharmaceutical industry is developing.Patients have to pay for his money. He must get it. This is his private property. We do not have any legislative protection of the private property of the patient.Let me give it an example. Is it possible to use the saying goes? We call on the National People’s Congress to legislate. Any hospital doctors, no unit may stipulate, and patients are sorry for the prescriptions of our hospital for prescriptions cannot be given to you.You can’t take it away.One of the very simple things, since the patient paid 20 yuan for diagnosis and treatment fee, the information on this prescription is that the prescription he purchased is his property right, and the patient must leave with the prescription.Once this property right is determined, the prescription monopoly problem is solved.Market solutions will revitalize both retail pharmacies and market sales. There are many similar rights, and patients need to be protected.The right to choose, the right to execute, and the right to refuse. Whether it is medical insurance, can patients choose hospitals and doctors by ourselves? Why do we want the medical insurance department to make this decision?Is there a way to strengthen the right to choose the patient’s own choice?Can patients choose their own doctor?Can you choose his own pharmacy and what medicine to take? What kind of knowledge he needs, can he authorize a certain institution himself, whether it is insurance or a certain institution, help him to make suggestions for his own decision.

  Once such decisions can be guaranteed, and various legislative agencies can be guaranteed, I think the medical reform has taken a big step.In fact, if we talk about the skills of reform, we have experienced too many serious arguments in recent years.The trial of a very heavy reform is actually the easiest thing to give the patients to patients, because if we represent the representatives, the representatives of the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC have more proposals for the CPPCC. I suggest you mention more proposals.Give you two proposals to allow each department to give their rights to patients instead of competing for each other, not for their own industries, nor for their own small departments.So it is acceptable for government departments. It is a bit straightforward to say that there is not much political risk, because after all, all rights are returned to the people. Such proposals are easily become national policy and are easily accepted. This requires very high professionalism. This requires very high professionalism. This requires very high professionalism.Because how to build such rights and manage such rights, let patients serve well and have very high professionalism.

  For example, the most significant reform in our country’s history is that after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, it is correct whether it is correct for packaging.Today is a common sense issue, but the country argued in that era.Although the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee was the starting point of China’s reform and opening up, the first resolution at that time was that it was not allowed to be included in the household.What kind of situation is the situation resolved in the end?It is a key word. At that time, the last record in history was to calm all the disputes, calling all choices to return to the people.In the end, the central government decided that we settled the debate and let the people choose themselves.We only have reform and opening up. Now all parties are arguing. Can we try to give all rights to patients.Thanks.

  Cao Lianyuan, Dean of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital:

  I am very happy to have such an opportunity to be with friends in the medical industry.After listening to everyone’s speeches, the two experts’ speeches, I think we all know the first deep understanding that the reform of the medical and health system, the pharmaceutical reform is related to the overall situation, and it is related to our industry.Secondly, I publish it today, which represents individuals and does not mean anyone.From the grass -roots education of pharmaceutical reforms, let me tell you.Our grassroots are lacking medicine and medicine. Although this phenomenon says that the reform and opening up have changed a lot over the years.However, the basic phenomenon of people who lack medicine and medicines for people are not resolved. I went to several rural areas and went to the community hygiene in some cities. Some places were very good, but some places were very poor.A township health center has been allocated in the past few doctors for decades, and finally left two little doctors and a dean and a nurse. This is Yan’an, northern Shaanxi.I went, it was very difficult.No medicine, some medicines are only available on the market of ordinary people. I ask them what to do?There is no way, can’t afford it, it is not worthy.The people are in the village, and the conditions are a little better to go to the county seat.What are our core ideas?90%of the major illnesses do not occur, and seek medical treatment on the spot.What is 90%of the major illnesses?That means 100 % common diseases and multiple diseases in the county.About 90%of the major illnesses turned to the city and listened to the representative’s speech. If you know this, where is the largest market for our pharmaceutical companies?At the grassroots level.In each village and towns in each community.

  What do they need in every country and towns?It is the most common common medicine, common disease.Some of our representatives are very good. I just said that Japan went to the people to buy small medicines, but our people want to buy some medicines to go north and now.1.3 billion people all ran to the north, Shanghai, and Guangxi. How many experts do you have to deal with it?When I was the dean, one of our experts looked at 227 patients a day. How can we alleviate this phenomenon?Then you must draw salary at the bottom.That’s why it was proposed that Professor Liu said the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and the bottom of the kettle.Let our patients do not leave home, and we get treatment without leaving the village, and we can get what our pharmaceutical companies are produced. It is cheap and consistent with the most basic and most basic drugs of the people.I think our enterprise should focus on this place. It is recommended that everyone consider from this perspective. In this way, the motivation of our company has a huge market.And our people need it. Today, I am from the perspective of a common people. Pharmaceutical companies that need the people instead of pharmaceutical companies must be strong. I will communicate with you.

  Xu Jingren, Chairman of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Jiangsu Yangzi Pharmaceutical Group:

  The Central State Council has repeatedly emphasized that the General Secretary’s speech and leaders at all levels have made speeches, because most of our national western medicine and western medicine after the reform and opening up of our country, and in the past.The advantages of western medicine itself are significant, and the efficacy is fast.Traditional Chinese medicine itself has many advantages. The academicians of the Academy of Engineering know that there are many unique curative effects in Chinese medicine, and it has an irreplaceable role in the health of the people, especially the health care of the people.The State Council has been emphasizing that because of the price reduction of Chinese medicine, the price of medicinal materials is now increasing, and prices are increasing.Especially the definition of the health medical system, do not use traditional Chinese medicine, because the specific operation, traditional Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. Although it has not been studied in practice like western medicine, it has historical precipitation.Let the cause of traditional Chinese medicine really develop the development and end of the end, so that the great health of the people and breeding offspring have great benefits.

  Li Dongjiu, senior vice president of Fosun Pharmaceutical Group:

  Thank you very much for providing this opportunity to let our relevant persons discuss the development of the pharmaceutical industry.I have made three suggestions.The first suggestion is to seize the opportunity of the development of the big health industry and accelerate the promotion of social medical treatment.There are many issues just now. In fact, the key point of the current core is that our current people are not satisfied with the provision of medical services that meet their needs.For the quality of providing medical services and their urgent needs, they cannot meet now, so how to meet their needs and how to introduce several opinions in 2013, then whether the future big health is consistent with the expected development, then there is currently existing existence of existenceThere are more problems and difficulties.There are several aspects.One is that the combination of medical care and health insurance is currently difficult to land. At the same time, the people’s feelings have not obviously felt feelings, and our non -public hospital market development is relatively slow.It turned out that when it comes to 30%, the total service volume is now less than 10%, and the use of medical insurance funds is currently worried and worried.Including all aspects of Chairman Liu just said.We make some suggestions based on this reform of our supply side.

  The first suggestion is to accelerate the reform of the medical system of state -owned enterprises for the medical system of state -owned enterprises.In other words, in a state -owned enterprise running hospitals and accelerating the introduction of social capital, the hospitals of state -owned enterprises are incomplete statistics, and there are now more than 3,000.Our public hospitals are full of hospitals in the system, but many state -owned enterprises’ hospitals have insufficient investment in enterprises due to the influence of policies, and all aspects of factors, including the loss of medical staff.There are many difficulties and situations in more than 3,000 now. How can I make full excavation?It is a great help for our big health service resources.Because we hope that relevant government departments can be introduced as soon as possible for the restructuring of state -owned enterprise hospitals.Actively introduce social capital, participate in the restructuring of state -owned enterprise hospitals, and provide more high -quality medical service resources for the people.And the reform of the army has been carried out, the reform of the military hospital, and the military hospital to the place, on the one hand, is a good thing.On the other hand, the local government’s fiscal burden will be increased. Due to the problems of institutional mechanisms, how to make them have a comprehensive development after the local area.We suggest that after the military hospital arrives in the local area, we can introduce social capital to participate in our military hospital.And non -public hospitals can provide basic pharmaceutical services. In this regard, we have a case to prove that Fosun Pharmaceuticals and related medical practitioners have used cases.This is the first suggestion.Accelerate the development of social capital and promote the development of the big health industry.

  The second proposal is the current medical insurance fund, and the current medical insurance management, everyone will worry.Therefore, I particularly agree with Professor Huang, whether we can build and promote the construction of third -party platforms, and make the specialization and efficiency combine with management.Because of the problem of PPM, there are many discussions in the industry. We hope that the relevant third parties can be implemented. The specific details hope that the relevant government departments can actively promote it.

  The third suggestion is about quality consistency evaluation.We believe that this policy is very favorable and benefit the country and the people.And this policy is good for the health of the people in our industry and the healthy development of the people.Make two suggestions. The first suggestion should promote the development of clinical resources, and now the clinical resources are not enough.The second quality consistency evaluation exists in the reference that is not good for the preparation, and the lack of.In this regard, we hope that the preparations of the products used in a large number of clinical use. Our Chinese Procuratorate and relevant departments can help enterprises and assist enterprises to solve them.

  Du Zhenxin, Chairman of Shandong Xinxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

  I am glad to attend the Symposium on Sound Responsibility.The sound of now is getting stronger and stronger.The representatives have just said that I will no longer repeat the same problem.I mainly talk about the clinical data verification of drugs.As long as this problem is deeply touched by new drug research and development companies, the withdrawal rate is now 80%, and everyone has paid a lot of costs.In response to this situation, our enterprises have to survive and continue to engage in research and development.The huge problem now is to be further doing, and the hospital is not willing to bear it.This is a very realistic problem. Because the hospital doing BE is not its main task, it is an auxiliary work. Check the integrity and authenticity of clinical data, which makes us great difficulties, so we are unwilling to pick up this job.As a result, our current work is accumulated there. In addition to the normal report, another consistency evaluation must be made in a lot of efforts.This job is stuck here, and this problem is really difficult to solve.So make three suggestions.

  The first to let go of our country’s clinical diagnosis data in Europe and the United States.Because many enterprises also have R & D in foreign countries, many varieties are also reported abroad at home. Now they must make two sets of data, which has caused waste of human, material and financial resources.Do you recognize a set of data?I can also report abroad in China. A double newspaper, a definition is recognized, which can reduce a lot of trouble.This is the first suggestion.

  The second suggestion of our domestic hospital clinical practice base hospitals quickly expand the number of approval of the domestic hospital for BE clinical hospitals?In this way, the withdrawal varieties we have appeared now are re -declared. Now we are squeezed to the hospital. For these hospitals, there are still enthusiasm, squeezing around, who will not do well in the end.

  Third, whether to relax the standard and relax the simplified standard for BE.This is also a mature suggestion. It is relaxed, so that the companies we declare can solve the problem of current drug development BE.

  Sun Piao, Chairman of Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

  I want to talk about two opinions, which is also two aspects that usually feel at work.The first aspect is as a representative of medicine, including the work of our enterprise. The biggest task is how to meet the requirements that patients cannot meet clinically. I think this is what our company needs to think.Because in actual work, especially in the clinical of new drugs, especially cancer, they are important for clinical drugs.Of course, these drugs are in clinical experiments, so now we are basically clinical experiments of innovative drugs and find us a lot of medicines.These patients are not cured, and they are very urgent, which is also related to the happiness of a patient’s survival and a family.For example, the antibody of PD1, when we are not clinically clinically, some patients come to the company through various channels.Because for them only once, there is no chance to miss this opportunity.Including other drugs we are clinically, what problems are this involved?How to speed up the listing of innovative drugs and how to promote the use of innovative drugs in clinical use and meet the needs of patients.We have made many opinions and suggestions at previous people’s congresses, and we talk about an environmental issue of innovative drugs in this regard.

  Through the efforts of recent years, some improvements have been improved in some aspects in the innovative drug environment. For exampleProtecting problems, there are medical insurance problems.Since our country’s innovation medical insurance has been revised once many years, how can patients be able to obtain good medicines and meet their needs.I believe that there are suggestions and opinions in this aspect of the two sessions.The second aspect is the problem of buying medicines in Japan. Many of our consumers buy OTC in pharmacies in Japan. Why do we buy a lot of people’s medicines?Don’t buy our OTC.Our company also has product prescription drugs to Japan. We really feel that the quality of Japanese medicines is the highest standard in the world, because it is good in terms of raw materials packaging.His things are done well. Although his price is high in Japanese pharmacies, we buy a large number of people.It shows that the medicine still has quality. If there is no quality to talk about the price, then its role cannot be played, and the price is meaningless.So this involves another problem is the consistency of generic drugs.I think that consistency evaluation is not easy. This is the same. The consistency must be comprehensive. To truly achieve this standard, it takes a lot of work, or it takes a certain time, so there is a scientific attitude towards this problem.How to improve our quality and reach the level and level of Japanese medicine stores, there are many jobs to do.

  Liu Wenwei, general manager of Tianjin Daren Jingwan Wanhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

  good afternoon everyone.Last year’s seminar saw the homework made by many companies. The concentration of our high -quality enterprises was very poor. We are the world’s second largest pharmaceutical consumer country, but we did not have influential pharmaceutical companies in the world.I ca n’t find Chinese pharmaceutical companies before 50, so I think Chinese pharmaceutical companies must also de -capacity de -inventory. Do not have so much capacity.Through consistency evaluation, the government’s rules must be formulated, and this matter is done through the rules.It now includes waste of resources and so many drug resources.The second one I want to say, because there are many good news that Chinese medicine is now, in the strategic planning of Chinese medicine from 2016 to 2030, from 2016 to 2030of.There are five years, including our country’s strategy in the Belt and Road Initiative that we want to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Chinese medicine with coastal countries.In fact, Chinese medicine is an important part of Chinese civilization and the key to opening Chinese civilization.I think there are many methods and many methods in Chinese medicine. In the end, this project won the national award.I realize that in the future, everyone will talk about Chinese medicine from the perspective of Chinese medicine. In fact, the language of Chinese medicine is simple.Acupuncture is unconsciously led, I think many companies in Chinese medicine now do.I was thinking that even if you passed, you can sell it, but you are facing the biggest, and your competition with western medicine is very miserable.Our topical medicine of Chinese medicine, especially in the standard of entrepreneurship, has a large number of advantages in western medicine. In the end, we can stand up. In the end, we must have funds.Therefore, the external medication itself has an evaluation, especially you can feel the comparative advantage.Therefore, I think the external medicine of Chinese medicine should lead the development of Chinese medicine. We need to discuss this.

  Liu Jingsin, chairman of Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.:

  Every time I attended the meeting, I listened to the opinions of your spokesperson very seriously.There are some feelings.Why do you talk about old age?I have not solved any problems many times, I have a suggestion today.I feel that in the reform, decision -making and implementation, in the reasons of the reform consensus, we have not found effective methods and have not formed a joint force. I have four suggestions.In other words, it is just to express my wish, otherwise everyone is very anxious.I want to solve the problem, but the problem is still there, and some problems have become serious.

  The first government, we now have a policy, I think it is relatively hasty.I do n’t know what the process of policy generation, the mechanism of correction, and the evaluation of the effects in accordance with what rules?Have you done it?Among them, he forgot that he had forgotten the goal of a public policy of a government department. He must take care of the market and interest subjects in many ways. In terms of some bidding heads of people, we are actuallyThree points.This result is to minimize the price of drugs. If the lowest is lower than the average cost of the society, then I’m sorry.In fact, invalid medicines are the most expensive medicines. We did not make it clear.He obviously surpassed social costs, and he was investigated by anti -dumping abroad. It was a criminal act, and we became popular here.I think this is not really the people, so when I think that when the government departments formulate plans, it is obvious that the feeling of policies is obvious. The first medicine must be safe and available. The second is that the people enjoy the cheap qualification.To bear.All this is not a problem, but the pharmaceutical factory must be able to survive.We have not carefully analyzed this reason.

  The second point for the expectations of hospitals, Chinese medicine must be developed, and he cannot develop in a vacuum environment.The first is the low start, the second strength is weak, the third is discriminated against, and the fourth -imported powerful multinational company is squeezed. Our policy is very clear, that is, helping China’s pharmaceutical industry, especially Chinese innovation and management.The first echelon of the industry must break through this blockade and achieve the purpose of a strong country.If we are not with such a goal, they are less technical details.So today, let’s take a look at the gap between us and foreign abroad to shrink or expand?

  The last question is the media.In an interview with some major issues, I think that a lack of a subject. If you may ask you more attention, this is the responsibility of the association’s voice.

  Zhao Yixin, Chairman of Shandong Xinhua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.:

  I am a representative from the medical enterprise industry.In 16 years, we put forward six opinions and suggestions.The first aspect is to accelerate the establishment of a high -level medical device review team to ensure the implementation of innovation -driven development strategic policies.This proposal is mainly for the National Bureau’s review center, because they do have problems in review, and if this problem does not solve the directly affecting the development of the enterprise.Accelerating the construction of high -quality levels is an important measure to accelerate product renewal and promote industrial innovation development and supply reform.Highlighting problems and mechanism obstacles, the number of reviewers is not proportional to the workload, the professional structure and age structure of reviewers are not reasonable, the level of personnel needs to be improved, and the quality of review needs to be improved.The speed of review is slow and long. I hope that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will be able to study and support the policy.Suggestions 1. Based on the workload according to the market salary level, recruit the corresponding number of contract staff, create conditions to introduce mature talents of related fields at different levels, especially high -level leading experts.The second allocation of special funds will conduct technical training on employees, strengthen international exchanges, and enable them to understand the characteristics and characteristics of various products in the industry and domestic and foreign products, and better serve the industry.Third, through the purchase service method, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security breaks through the boundaries of the preparation, connect the salary level of the internal personnel and the contract staff, realize the management method of equal equal pay, stabilize the team of the existing preparation reviewers, maintain the intermediate force of the review review,Essence

  The second suggestion is to implement the independent support policy of medical device.Innovation is a source of industrial development, and currently lacks an innovative cooperation mechanism.The lack of the industrial chain, the market environment problems, the difficulty of entering the market for innovative products, the high quality of innovative products and the high quality and price, cannot obtain development space through market returns, and listed innovative medical enterprises as a major special project for the State Council.At present, key special projects will be released. I hope that after the implementation of the special implementation, supporting policies can be introduced to further refine the support work.Secondly, establishing a vertical support approach of the industry can face whether the independent technology is false, and it can also avoid blind investment. I hope that the National Development and Reform Commission and the Health and Family Planning Commission will formulate corresponding policies and regulations.Establish a set of channels for product application.In public hospital policy support hospitals, policy terms can be used smoothly, and special policies can be given during medical insurance.

  Third, suggestions on medical consumables.Consumables mainly include consumables of vascular and osteo neurosciences. Because it is directly used in the human body, its safety and effectiveness are very important.Therefore, how to ensure the quality of quality, ensure supply, and ensure the healthy development of the industry, reduce the price of ease of consumables, and standardize consumables is worthy of in -depth research. I hope that the National Development and Reform Commission will support the support of relevant policies.Category purchase.For the national consumables of the national dosage, the national negotiation method is adopted. For low applications, consider canceling centralized procurement, and adhere to the province’s purchase of other consumables.The second supports unified supervision of consumables and a specific guarantee plan.Unified supervision based on national platforms and unified procurement based on provincial platforms.While improving the unified procurement of the provincial platform, while strengthening the supervision and punishment function of the national platform, ensure that the relevant provisions can be fulfilled, and protect the legality of the relatively weak enterprises in the procurement process, especially the rights and interests of the contract.

  The fourth suggestion is about bidding and procurement of in vitro diagnostic reagents.In 2018, the market size was 32.8 billion, and market demand achieved the rapid development of the in vitro diagnostic industry. However, during the development process, the consumables of in vitro diagnostic reagents were important aspects of the market. There were many problems and restricted the development of the industry.Some provinces and cities in my country stay in two to three products. Most of the domestic in vitro diagnostic reagents have lack of quality standards for reagents in centralized bidding and procurement.It is hoped that the Health and Family Planning Commission will formulate relevant policies to support.It is recommended to increase the number of brands. Some developed countries in foreign countries, such as Europe, choose to design a benchmark in bidding, as long as the standard product brands can be shortlisted.The option is determined by the purchasing unit.In the bidding of the second body diagnostic reagent, the standard for supplementing quality and performance, reagents, quality control, and bidding prices should correspond to the number of projects, and establish a system of supporting reagents.Consumption bidding should be compared with the price, not the price ratio, and the regional price comparison should be canceled.The above is the main difficulties and problems we encounter.

  Xiong Weizheng, chairman of Henan Lingrui Group:

  Thank you very much for the organizer for giving us this opportunity.Let me talk about it and let friends in the pharmaceutical industry listen to the committee.Thank you very much for the relevant authorities. I think the leaders are very serious.I am from the old revolutionary district, a pharmaceutical company in Dabie Shanxing County.Today, there are relevant departments of the State Administration of Drug Inspection and the Ministry of Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the leaders and experts of our industry departments.I think the big health industry is very important. This is very necessary and in line with our national conditions.The Development Plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine clearly stated from 2016 to 2030 that the Chinese medicine industry has become an important development goal of the national economy.The spring of our Chinese medicine industry is here, especially when the current situation is very impetuous, we have such a good national policy. From the central to the local area, we are very supportive. I think it is a rare development opportunity.We in the mountains, especially this year, proposed poverty alleviation in the central government and demanded that poverty alleviation was announced in 2020.Our old district we require poverty alleviation in 2017, and we develop the pharmaceutical industry, so the next step of our development opportunities for Chinese medicine companies.Now that the development of Chinese medicine, I think a fundamental issue is the importance of the country. Can we develop it?The development of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has decided.Now the medical device conditions are good, no matter how good the diagnosis is, if the medicine is not good, it is blind when the bullets are not good. You are killed by the enemy here.

  Therefore, the quality of the medicine is directly related to the life.People who have faked in the past, those who fake them in the old society, and those who specialize in fake medicines, then whether all of the companies in our society are all pharmaceutical people, which is also worthy of our reflection.In the next step, the spring of Chinese medicine in Chinese medicine is coming, so the country has so many policy support, so can we create opportunities?Especially in our Chinese medicinal materials, can we give full play to authentic medicinal materials?Now our Chinese medicine exports cannot be exported, because the pesticide residues exceed the standard and the quality has declined.So how do you achieve quality effects?Some companies that produce Chinese medicines do not guarantee quality, so they also damage the image of Chinese medicine.Therefore, if I think of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, first of all, we must improve our career scope, in our various quality and quality, our medicinal materials should pay attention to quality, scientifically cultivate, and continuously innovate and produce our good Chinese medicine.I think the situation of the special health and planning commissions in the medical industry is still very common in the country.So how to ensure the quality of drugs at low prices?I can’t guarantee it.We are engaged in medicine. Our product sales are very good. Later, the bidding nine cents was bid in the hospital. Our cost was three cents.Some good medicines, we do not produce people’s production, or even Japanese production, and other countries produce.So some of the good medicine we protect to solve this problem.I think we develop the cause of Chinese medicine, first strengthen quality and improve our medical service level, and truly contribute to our health career.At the same time, I also want to make suggestions that drug research is very large.

  There is a weird phenomenon now. Now it is very difficult to enter the hospital in the hospital.And the price is still very low, and some cannot enter the basic drug directory. I think these problems must support innovation, and they must support the innovation of these enterprises so that these drugs contribute to human health.Thanks.

  Geng Fen, Chairman of Sichuan Haoyi Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.:

  The guests are good in the afternoon.This meeting is very good, I appreciate it every year.There are enterprises, media, and relevant government departments, as well as representatives of the National People’s Congress and CPPCC members each year.There are problems every year every year, and the previous speeches represent a lot.Our industry has developed very quickly, and there are still many problems.Everyone has a lot of work, because there are many focus problems and complicated, the competent authorities are not satisfied, and the enterprise is not satisfied.What is important is that ordinary people are not very satisfied. We all need to look at the problems in our pharmaceutical industry.Some of them are not doing well ourselves. I think that all industries may reflect on this problem.Some of them are powerless, and some are not enough self -discipline. I talk about a few hot issues.

  First, why is the development of Chinese medicine difficult?I was thinking that we did not attend the meeting. We should see that Chinese medicine has become the strategy and development strategy of Chinese medicine.The national strategy has reached this level, but what is the problem in our development?Bidding, the hospital does not enter traditional Chinese medicine, does not use Chinese medicine, the setting threshold becomes a way to stifle Chinese medicine, strangling our culture.My suggestion is not to limit the proportion of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in the hospital, so that the prescription rights of the doctor -led doctors are not administrative orders.The development of an industry must have a market. This market is that a tree must have soils so that nutrition can grow into towering trees.Secondly, the standardization of Chinese medicinal materials, planting and breeding are wrong.The quality of Chinese medicine is not strictly guaranteed. I heard that the country has canceled its certification.This is lacking support.At present, there are more than 9,000 approval numbers in the country. Chinese patent medicines do not have the first workshop. This was mentioned by me many years ago. Our traditional Chinese medicine should establish its own first workshop. The first workshop is in the soil, which is the planting and breeding of Chinese medicine.Chinese medicinal materials are purchased from the marketing market. The quality of Chinese medicinal materials cannot be guaranteed and the quality of Chinese medicinal materials is not guaranteed.It is recommended that the state increase supervision and management to establish a Chinese herbal base for Chinese medicinal materials and establish the standards for Chinese medicinal materials to ensure the quality of Chinese medicinal materials.Otherwise our Chinese medicine is really killed.People build a house a hundred square meters, and we can find all satellite monitoring.If a factory of a Chinese medicinal material builds its own workshop, you will not only make a hundred square meters, not a hundred square kilometers, and one hundred square meters of monitoring satellites can be found.If we build the first workshop for the first workshop, there may be thousands of square meters and tens of thousands of square meters. I think the tools of satellite surveillance can be done and play a role.There are problems with any corporate reporting on leave, and satellite surveillance can be monitored.So we should use such advanced tools.The third is the drug check code, which is a hot issue.Many representatives of the drug check code have already said that the enforcement is very hasty. If there are such meetings before, several of us repeatedly demonstrated that there is no stop rate today.Forming a drug check code is a progress because we need to manage the industry in an orderly manner.But it is not the fault of the drug check code. Many discussions on the Internet have begun to move out.It is not our homeland, whether it is a country or a state or a private person. Everyone knows that this company knows the medication of our people across the country. All the data are mastered in the background. There are already such voices on the Internet. I won’t say much.

  If two companies and two companies come to do medicine check code, it will help our industry a lot.The problem of the drug check code is not its itself, but because the background in the background is mastered by others abroad. The second monopoly. If it is to a certain extent, you can only be a flowing direction. Other pharmaceutical companies are looking for him to serve.The oldest and most effective way.Therefore, the drug check code is put on, and when it is said, the loss of our drug production enterprises is huge.I think that when our policy is formulated, there should be such a demonstration. Do not treat all the companies as scarecrows.Last year, antibiotics were provided and used by antibiotic regulatory problems. I said that we should report to the National Pharmaceutical Inspection Bureau unified management. We now see that reports have been found to have been used in children’s bodies. This is a very severe problem.Everyone feels like the monopoly and other issues of the raw materials. I hope that our country is better and our industry is better.When we can’t control emotional control, one is a way to reflect on the other.We must have confidence in all the enterprises of Chinese medicine. We see that General Secretary Xi Qiang Qiang listed our Chinese medicine as a national strategy. I am very happy. I believe that some people will slowly realize that the development of Chinese medicine should be brilliant.thank you all.


  We specialize in representatives of the people’s congress in the province and city, including General Manager Yang Jie, Shandong Daying Pharmaceutical, and representatives of Zhengqing Pharmaceutical in Hunan.Then, after the representative of Zhao Chao, we asked Yang Jie to prepare.Later, Mao Jianyi’s representative was prepared, as well as members of Lei Jufang, please be prepared.

  Zhao Chao, President of Shaanxi Buchang Pharmaceutical Group:

  The representatives and members of the leaders are good in the afternoon.The theme of my speech today is the suggestion of accelerating the development of Chinese medicine.Everyone knows that Tu Yu won the Nobel Prize, including our Chinese Medicine Research Institute in Daqing.Including measures to vigorously promote the development of Chinese medicine, this is the hot spot of the Chinese medicine industry at this conference.I have made several suggestions about the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

  The first point is to support the development of the Chinese medicine industry.At that time, the equipment should be said to have changed a lot. Now many new equipment can be greatly improved, and it can be greatly improved.There are great standards in terms of energy.Because we are now approved by this new drug, including the process of changes in process, and the long -term investment is complex. These aspects affect the enthusiasm of these enterprises’ innovation and improvement standards.mechanism.Establish a mature or running Chinese medicine product, improve the fast green channel of our standard quality, and special green channels.As long as you do some of the most basic research, you can declare quickly and do not go to five years. This long process is very long for enterprises.Our Chinese medicine is very good for our entire industry regardless of raw materials or process, quality assurance, advanced craftsmanship.From a scientific perspective, it can be said that it has favored the development of our Chinese medicine industry.Can you establish a special passage of fast steps and walk fast, and encourage us to enhance the standards of our products in the Chinese medicine industry.You have improved every year, and the country should support every year, as long as you progress is a good thing.This is the first.

  The second is to establish an evaluation system for the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.I think the recent assistance of drugs or key monitoring of medication is something that our entire industry is very concerned. Some areas of our Chinese medicine injection have been exhausted by one net. One of the important problems in this is the confirmation of the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine products.So how we use numbers and standards, I think this aspect is not perfect, and the reason why there is such a problem is because there are no standards.Therefore, I hope to establish an evaluation system for the efficacy standard of Chinese medicine, so that it makes us Chinese medicine it has a scientific effect.

  The third suggestion is to adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine as a big health policy.Now there is a state of going to TCM and traditional Chinese medicine. The number of directory monitoring of many hospitals includes the number of drug usage. Some stipulates that some three hospitals stipulate that traditional Chinese medicine products cannot exceed 300, and the number of limited use is very small.In this way, if a large hospital in the future goes to TCM Chinese medicine, it will have a great impact on small hospitals.Our medical system of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment will not be sound. Small hospitals learn from large hospitals. If our Chinese medicine is missing in large hospitals, it will have a great impact on a small hospital in a small hospital.So the master does not guide, how does the apprentice use?Therefore, I also recommend the combination of Sino -Western and Western. It is required that hospitals at all levels must have a certain proportion of traditional Chinese medicine share, and strengthen the construction of the Chinese Medicine Department, outpatient and even the Chinese medicine ward.It is fully realized to combine Chinese and Western hospitals with our big hospitals, and must have policy guarantees to ensure the development of our Chinese medicine.I think this aspect should be said to be better in Gansu. When I went to Gansu to meet, the comrades of the Health and Family Planning Commission communicated, so they are now an encouragement measure.This encouragement measure is in large hospitals. It is necessary to hang the Chinese and Western combination departments or beds, and the government encourages you later. In the actual process, it is true for slow diseases.Chinese medicine is supplemented, and the effect is very good.For this reason, the development of grass -roots hospitals has been driven.For three suggestions on the development of traditional Chinese medicine, thank you.

  Yang Jie:

  Dear leaders are good in the afternoon. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to give me this.I felt very good and very inspired by what everyone said earlier.I want to make three suggestions for children’s medication here.I will not repeat the importance and particularity of children’s medication, because in the past two years, the media including the various policies of the country, in fact, everyone also saw the importance of this group and the child pharmaceutical industry.Several opinions of children’s medication have more policies for 15 years. Document No. 7 of the State Council has given special regulations on the medication of special groups in children.The State Council and the General Food and Drug Administration on accelerating and priority review of children’s medication. One of its two documents, one of the documents of the General Administration of Food and Drugs, No. 44 and No. 230, both made clear regulations.But how can these policies really be implemented?I can truly solve the problem of children’s medication, so I want to have three suggestions.

  First, the definition of children’s medication.Although a series of policies are currently introduced, there is no official policy for children’s medicine. Regarding the price of children’s drugs, the bidding price should give special encouragement policies.However, because the actual execution process is unclear, the real children’s medicine does not enjoy such a policy. It may be that other medicines that are not children can enjoy such a policy.Therefore, at this level, we must define this concept clearly.I personally suggest that at least three conditions are met.The first dosage is the dosage of children. It is easy to carry by the taste of medication.In fact, WTO has a clear definition of children’s medication. We should learn from.The second is specifications. Do not make specifications for children’s medicine.The third is the instructions. The instructions must have a child’s indications. For the manual written for children’s medication or use it under the guidance of a physician, the medicines that are not described cannot be classified as children’s medicine.For children mentioned earlier, this non -standard description should be recommended to delete in the manual.The label of the instructions should be made clearly, and children’s medicine can be done in accordance with such standards.

  We know that there are fewer texts approved by children in the country, and there are fewer medicines that can be used in the hospital.Why are there less?Because there are some problems that may be due to price or market access, some flags have the number of children’s medication. In the current shortage of medical review resources, if we can make the idle texts active, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated, one can be activated.To meet the shortage of children’s medication, it can also reduce duplicate approval.But now we execute these documents about technical reviews, currently there are several documents, a document 518, and a document 38 and 101, which are all documents of the Food and Drug Administration.During the implementation of these documents, the technical transformation of children’s medicines faces a very embarrassing situation.For example, the 518 document, children’s drugs are generic drugs and have no new drugs. They do not belong to the category of transfer in accordance with relevant regulations.For example, Circular 38 is mainly for GMP certification. If it is not passed, it can be transferred throughout the line.Therefore, if the problem of mergers and acquisitions and relocation is not involved, there is basically no way to achieve it.Or the number of adults with a number of two children’s texts has increased the difficulty and cost of transfer, so the current law does not support the transfer of children’s medicine.We hope that the relevant departments can be unable to restrict the special circumstances of children, special circumstances for children’s medication.The number of comprehensive clinical data is relatively considered during the transfer process. In addition, the research work is encouraged to do quality upgrades during the transfer process.The third suggestion is to urge the province to formulate the children’s medication catalog. In fact, the orphan drugs have clearly proposed to hang the network directly.There are still very few areas in this catalog. We hope that the Health and Family Planning Commission can urge relevant provinces to have children’s medication catalogs in the prescribed time, which is convenient for children’s medication to be relieved.

  Lei Jufang, chairman of Tibet Qizheng Tibetan Pharmaceutical Group:

  Friends of members.Good afternoon, I am glad to attend this meeting again.This meeting concentrates the wisdom and voice of so many people, and communicates with everyone in the new year’s thinking about new issues.I have three suggestions today. One is in the middle of our new medicine review. The clinical registration of traditional Chinese medicine is hoped that in the new period, in 2007, in 2007Classic recipes can be exempted from clinical.But there is no sample that meets the requirements until now, because some details have not been implemented.It turns out that these drugs have played a very good role in the past few decades and have become precious medical resources.Today we also purchase a large number of drugs, including these drugs. Our current restrictions are actually a waste of our medical resources. We hope that we can make a clear method.The pressure of expenditure, which brings some help to the improvement of patients’ survival, some valuable classic resources.

  The second is the second development of traditional Chinese medicine. Our current regulations say that no matter how many diseases, we need to verify all the second development in the future.In fact, many prescriptions are repeated.Some can change in some aspects, and the effectiveness will be better.For example, it may be better, but chronic medication may not be reflected.This is very obstacle to the prosperous market, and my suggestions in this area hope to improve.

  The third is the classic recipe medication is our clinical experts and doctors. Our national pharmacopoeia is limited to new drugs. In fact, if some doctors say that according to prescriptions, it is likely that there are some very good results.But now this limited edition pushes the risk to the doctor, because in case this medication has some responsibilities, it is pushed to the doctor.From this point of view, the classic prescription is used, and most of the medication is very good.Therefore, our existing pills, especially some toxic medicinal materials for so long, have been objectively restricted in these aspects.Talk more about some effective solutions.

  Mao Jianyi:

  I am glad to participate in such a meeting. I feel that this is a very good meeting, the voice of our industry, and a very good opportunity to communicate and learn.I have two ideas and suggestions. It is purely individual and does not mean our enterprise.

  The first suggestion is about secondary bidding and secondary projects.We have enjoyed a lot of secondary bids in the past year. One thing I feel is that I do n’t agree with this practice.Why?Because each province and cities have bidding, the bidding itself represents the medical insurance office on behalf of the institution, and now the second bidding of some hospital consortia.Then the original intention is to further reduce the cost of medicine and the starting point is good, but if you look closely, the bidding is not a payment party for medical insurance or medicine. It is an extreme example.At present, our national hospital has not obtained bonuses from medicines. Now many departments and hospitals in the hospital have the assessment of drugs. So is it the third bidding for various departments of the hospital?The hospital’s prescription also has the limit of medication costs. Is it the fourth bidding for a doctor?I think this question can find some answers, and government agencies or our main administrative departments should think about such a question.This is my personal idea.

  The second is the problem of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment mentioned by everyone just mentioned and solved the precious medical treatment.I agree with this issue very much. I have my own feelings from the work of the past year. There is now a comprehensive hospital that requires that each county must build a state -owned state -owned hospital. I think the country’s policy is very good. It is difficult to see a doctor. It is difficult to see a doctor.The problem of expensive medical treatment is solved at the grassroots level and below.However, the corresponding mechanism system should be introduced at the same time, because I have gone to many county -level hospitals and saw that there are already beautiful hospitals that have been built in some places, but there are no patients.I also discussed here and went to see the problems with some doctors and experts. You see that county -level hospitals are mainly undergraduates. When you arrive at the prefecture -level city, you are graduate and undergraduate students., To Beishangguang is a doctoral student of a prestigious hospital.what does that mean?You have to solve the doctor’s treatment problem and retain the talent hospital to develop before you can solve the patient at the grassroots level.

  I investigated county -level hospitals in the western provinces and cities should be prefecture -level hospitals.The deputy director here told me that he saw that an expert clinic had a commission of 3.5 yuan. This gap was very large. Basically, the north, Shanghai -Shanghai -Shanghai -Guangzhou registered outpatient clinic was basically 400 and 800.A deputy high -level expert in a prefecture -level city, looking at an outpatient clinic of 3.5 yuan, the gap is very large.Whether our government’s relevant functional departments have studied some mechanisms? I also asked some provinces. The medical charging standards have not been revised in the 1980s and have never been revised.I think we have to think about this above. With the improvement of our country’s economy, the improvement of our people’s living standards, should these charging standards change or have a corresponding mechanism? When will it change?How long will it be improved?Adjust the relevant government departments that should be provided to us to let them think and make corresponding changes.Thanks.

  Wu Feichi, chairman of Zhengqing Pharmaceutical Group:

  The theme of my speech today is to let us remove all obstacles and discrimination and welcome the spring of traditional Chinese medicine innovation.I saw two articles a few days ago, who is Huawei in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry?The next product is the next artemisinin.This must be from the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine industry in China. The spring of Chinese medicine in China is here. There are three indicators.The first is Tu Yu’s award. On October 5 last year, in Moscow, I heard that Tu Yu won the award. On October 8th, we held a symposium immediately. We are another single product other than artemisinin.Grass.Then when spring is coming, there is still a spring cold. Our medical reform plan, 09 medical reform plan has not improved at all after a year of practice.If you do not change all of our pharmaceuticals, enterprises, industry associations are very difficult to do.First, it is believed that public welfare should be done by public hospitals. This is wrong.Secondly, we now have the evil incidence of the market to the extreme.At present, the factors that are hard to see a doctor are caused by the high waste of public hospitals. If this is not changed, it will never be done.The fourth flaw is the price of medicine.Including the price of Chinese medicine, we are one -tenth of mainstream foreign medicines.There is a term that misleads the media. There is a medicine called Omera. I want to ask the media.Due to the price reduction, the bidding procurement has gone out a large amount of cheap drugs, and the price of the hospital is getting higher and higher, and the situation has not changed.This is the four major flaws of medical reform in the first aspect of the first aspect, and what we do is futile.There are a series of discrimination and obstacles in Chinese medicine, and there are a series of discrimination in R & D, registration, use, and evaluation and analysis.For example, the concept of manufacturing is divine medicine, and the medicine that uses a lot of medicine and the effect of no effect is the medicine, pointing to our Chinese medicine. This concept is wrong.

  We make two suggestions. First, we hope to introduce the 16th version of the medical reform plan.Secondly, in all aspects, it will comprehensively remove discrimination against Chinese medicine, such as abolishing bidding and procurement, especially the prices of Chinese medicine must be protected, and the scope of Chinese medicine to enter medical insurance.The third is a fair and fair evaluation of Chinese medicine. The re -evaluation of our Chinese medicine has not changed for ten years, without any changes.After ten years, do you want to hold accountable? My speech is here.

  Li Hong:

  In various statistics at home and abroad, there are huge number of pharmaceutical manufacturers in China, with more than 4,000 drug production licenses and more than 4,000 enterprises.This is not the same as the international caliber, because the production license does not mean that there are more than 4,000 pharmaceutical factories. For example, the United States Pfizer is called a production base in various continents, not a pharmaceutical factory.It is easy to mislead the leadership department and leaders of our decision -making, as long as there are too many pharmaceutical companies, so as to take suppression and increase costs to increase costs.So I suggest that in terms of statistical caliber, we must call on the international standard.For example, many of our top 100 companies, the acquisition of the general pharmaceutical factory is more than ten or twenty. If we have more than 4,000 production licenses, we have become two hundred except for 20.In addition to ten, we turned into four hundred, so that we can use it for scientific research innovation, so that they can make the preservation strength better and bigger. This is the first suggestion.

  The second suggestion that the State Administration of Drug Inspection put forward many good solutions in order to encourage the merger and reorganization of various enterprises.However, the acquisition of mergers and reorganizations during the implementation is even conducive to the large -scale and technological integration of the group. All places in this place are developed.We have a oral device space in a pharmaceutical factory in Chongqing. We want to produce the same type of the same type of the same dose of Hubei. We must sign and stamp it through the county -level government.Integration and development.It is recommended that enterprises and the National Pharmaceutical Inspection Bureau can introduce a filing system. As long as there is the same workshop, it is adopted, and there are no longer three batches of acceptance and three batches of acceptance during the transfer process, because these are old varieties.There is also a national charging. It is also a variety, 99,000 yuan. These are conducive to the acquisition and reorganization to develop and grow. It is recommended to simplify administration and decentralization.The simpler the procedures, the better.


  In addition to the CPPCC members of the People’s Congress today, there are representatives of the CPPCC National Committee and industry experts. Please raise your hands when you speak.


  First of all, thank you very much for creating such a platform for us to concentrate on the voice of front -line entrepreneurs.Let our entrepreneurs pay their own responsibilities for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.Now China’s medical development is a dividend. We see that the country’s policy is a great opportunity for us.Now that pharmaceutical companies are a big space, Academician Zhang also emphasizes that we buy a lot of goods abroad. In fact, this market is very potential and large.I want to talk about two points. The development concept of Chinese medicine has a chronic disease. Now during the development of traditional Chinese medicine for so many years, we have found a problem for our enterprises during the implementation process, especially during the tender process.It’s a low price.From the perspective of Chinese medicine for ten years, many products have risen from 50 yuan to 500 yuan, and even higher, which has reached five times and ten times.If we pursue historical prices to support future products, we will not produce many high -quality products for us.Including our companies also have similar products. Some products have done well in a certain field of products, and the curative effect is very accurate.However, because of the cost problem, I suggest that there is a great change in raw materials. We must properly launch the traceability problem.

  The second one mentioned children’s medication just now.I was still communicating with President Huang just now, because there are more than 60 children’s medication for children’s medication now, and children’s medication is now more than 100 billion or more.develop.But it is necessary to face a big problem.In fact, there are a total of one or two hundred children’s medication. We hope that children’s medication is to formulate children’s medication on the basis of the medical reform catalog.Now we are very lacking in children’s medication in China, so we recommend that the medical reform of children’s medication hopes to be able to introduce, and we can introduce a directory at one time to allow our children to use better and better products. This is this suggestion.In terms of innovation, we are not consumers who support property rights but the owners and creators who support property rights. We also hope that in our business development process, we have changed from China to China.High -quality products to promote the development of our pharmaceutical health industry.thank you all.


  I am the Anhui Provincial Medical Industry Association.I want to talk about a core point. The sudden tightening of the drug registration system currently leads to the decline in the quality of the pharmaceutical market. There are several basis for this.At present, the source structure of the energy consumption of drugs in my country is inadequate.There are several sources of our national approval number, and the number of essays approved by provinces and cities before 85 years will have a unified standard.Top dozens of varieties in the afternoon, approved in that circumstances.When the second medicine sets the goal, it all put on the national medicine standard coat, which is a stage.The second stage is from 85 to 2007 we have the approval method of new drugs. At this time, the R & D characteristics are mainly to pack the packaging. In this case, a large number of text numbers are generated, and the quality of R & D is difficult to guarantee.The third stage is these numbers approved after the registered system after 2007 after the pharmaceutical incident.The medication structure of these numbers in our current market is probably this. The medicines approved by 85 years before 85%, then 36%of the medicine batch in 85 to 2007, and the drug approved after 2007 accounted for 5.7 in the directory 5.7.%, The most important thing about these directory is that more than half of the exclusive varieties, more than half of these are the medicines approved by 85 years.Then our registration system is tightened suddenly, so we are now studying the very complete medicines that are only a few flaws of medicine. The medicine approved before 85 years has been circulated in the market without effective research.The sales volume is large, and sales in the pharmaceutical market account for about 80%. The sales volume of other products is very small. This is a structure.

  For example, there is a weight loss pill. This is batch of 85 years. Its standards are very low and 98%of the content. Then the standards of diet pills we are studying now have increased to more than 99.95, and there are a little flaws and have been killed twice.Then the weight -loss pills above 98 or more circulated in the market, and the price rose from 2 yuan to 20 yuan, constantly rising prices.Therefore, the structure of the directory plus the dual pinch of our registration system has caused the current popular quality of the drug market to decline instead of rising.Therefore, we should solve the quality of the Chinese pharmaceutical market from the source of the policy, but the tightening of this registration system is gradual. At the same time, we consider our current circulation structure of the Chinese pharmaceutical market so that we can get the correct result, otherwise it is counterproductive.Not only reduces the quality of Chinese pharmaceuticals, but also the direction of our medical reform is affected. The drugs in our current market circulation are not completely safe or effective, and the price is unreasonable.A large price is difficult to come down, and it is not completely convenient to use.Therefore, I hope that the registration system cannot be tightened suddenly. It is necessary to consider the current market status of the market in China, and the progressive tightening meets the needs of our people’s health.We in our pharmaceutical industry, our medical reform people take the concept of people’s health, not the concept of personal irresponsibility. Thank you.


  This speech was Minister Ji Minhong, the chairman of the Anhui pharmaceutical industry, and he was also the chairman of Anhui Cube Pharmaceutical.Because of the time limit, our meeting is here today, and finally the China Medical Enterprise Management Association will summarize the conference.

  Yu Mingde, president of the China Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs Association:

  On behalf of all the organizers, I expressed their deep gratitude to all the comrades and guests who participated in the meeting.We have been walking together for seven years. In the next year, we will continue to continue. We will make it more in line with the requirements of industry management and the requirements of the party and the government.If there is no more summary, I say 16 words.Widely, suggestions, make suggestions, make good benefits, benefit the country and the people.Let us all work together to work together for a better tomorrow, thank you.


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