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International cultural exchanges – Crafts-export
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From Ancient Treasures to Modern Elegance The Enduring Charm of Brass Crafts

Trade in handicrafts has always been part of cultural heritage and economic development. In various countries and regions, people create unique crafts through a variety of materials and techniques, and brass crafts are one of them, which are famous for their exquisite craftsmanship and creative designs. This article explores the history of brass crafts, their […]

2 mins read

From Porcelain to Pottery Exploring the Cultural and Economic Impact of Ceramic Trade

Trade in crafts has always been an important economic activity among countries around the world, with ceramics and pottery occupying a prominent place. These exquisite handicrafts not only display the unique beauty of different cultures, but also provide livelihood opportunities for their makers. This paper examines the importance of ceramics and pottery in international trade […]

2 mins read
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