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The Chinese Academy of Sciences shows the 2019 transcript – Crafts-export
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The Chinese Academy of Sciences shows the 2019 transcript

The successful launch of “Tai Chi No. 1”, the formal operation of “China Sky Eyes”, the continuous emergence of the special achievements of the research and development of inclusive new drugs, the research of new targets and new mechanisms of personalized drugs, and a number of important achievements in the output of key technologies for reform and clean energy …… Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences had annual transcripts at the institute’s 2020 work conference and routine press conference in the fourth quarter of 2019.Focusing on the important achievements and work progress achieved in all aspects of the reform and innovation and development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2019, Bai Chunli, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Yaping, deputy dean Zhang Yaping, and Xiang Libin introduced the relevant situation respectively.

The construction of innovative highlands has achieved remarkable results

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.”This year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences comprehensively summarized the 70 years of achievement and experience of the establishment of the institute, not forgetting its original intentions, keeping in mind the mission, working together to develop innovation, produced a number of major innovation results, and achieved remarkable results in reform and development.” Bai Chunli said.

According to reports, in 2019, in order to further strengthen the top -level design, the Chinese Academy of Sciences specially established the Construction Leading Group and working group of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to coordinate and coordinate the promotion of regional scientific and technological innovation construction in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

Taking the Chinese Academy of Sciences participated in the construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as an example, the institute promoted the synthetic biological installation to gather Shenzhen-Towering Ridge Science Park, promote the Hengqin Smart Supercomputing Platform to the Zhuhai-Hengqin, and actively guide the Chinese Academy of Sciences to study in the Guangdong Academy of Sciences in Guangdong.The gathered development of Nansha and the construction of Nansha Science City, coordinating the scattered neutron source Phase II and Southern Advanced Light Source pre-developed the Dongguan-Songshan Lake Science City to help the construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Bai Chunli said that in the future, the two parties in the cooperation will also build a number of high concentrations and high display degrees within the International Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area as soon as possible, which can exert the innovation of radiation driving capabilities.

The results of strategic pilot technology special research and development have continued to emerge

On August 19, 2019, the “Tai Chi No. 1” successfully lifts off, successfully conducted the first time in China without dragging control technology test, and for the first time in the world, the promotion technology of micro -bull -class RF ions and dual -mold Hall Electric Promotion Technology for the first timeIn the orbit verification; the satellite engineering “Goku” accurately measures the 40GEV-100tev cosmic ray prototype spectrum; the “Mozi” is the first in the world to carry out the space experiment test gravity induced quantum entanglement effect;New features of high -energy radiation in the material area of neutron stars have opened a new window for studying black holes and neutron stars.The achievements of these achievements are inseparable from the support of strategic pilot technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Xianglibin introduced to reporters that strategic pilot technology special (hereinafter referred to as “pilot special”) is a major scientific and technological task implemented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’s forward -looking deployment and organization.

“As of the end of 2019, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has launched 58 pilot projects to aim at major original results, major strategic technology and products and major demonstration transformation projects, and has achieved a number of iconic results.”Over the past year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has a number of important achievements of key technologies and demonstrations of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and clean energy and demonstration: complete thousands of tons of synthetic gas direct olefin industrial experiments; the first time to achieve the world’s 75T/H circulating fluidized bed coal -fired industrial boiler nitrogen oxideUltra -low emissions (less than 50 mg/m3); the first domestic set of hydrogen fuel cell pile production line based on stainless steel metal plates was successfully put into production.

At the same time, the special organ reconstruction and manufacturing project of the hospital is also promoted as planned, and important progress has been made in the following areas: in the in situ regeneration of the organs, 10 tissue organs such as the brain, heart, hematopoietic, skin, and skeletal muscles were found.The key targets of regeneration in situ have developed five intervention methods for regeneration in situ in situ; in the internal organizational manufacturing, it breaks through the self-assembly bile ductized liver organs, functional nerve-muscle joints, brain module construction, 3D printing and pipeline maintenance maintenanceFor key technologies, the complex structure construction is initially realized.Relevant results have an important impact at home and abroad, laying a solid foundation for the special follow -up work.

International cooperation results are bright

Not long ago, the Natural Index released the list of the latest global scientific research institutions in 2019. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has ranked first in the world’s annual list. This is also the number one consecutive years in the world.

“As of now, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has signed an academy -level agreement with 174 institutions in 61 countries around the world. Nearly 4,000 foreign talents and more than 1,600 foreign graduate students have been funded to visit, work and study in our college.Research on scientific research reached 1600. “Zhang Yaping said.

Zhang Yaping said that in 2019, the exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the scientific research institutions of the developed countries of the Science and Technology have achieved new breakthroughs: jointly organized the Sino -US physics cooperation round table forum with the American Physical Society;; Continue to further promote cooperation with Australian science and engineering organizations; strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in innovative countries such as Britain, France, Japan, Israel, and Turkey.

At the same time, the construction of the Overseas Science and Education Cooperation Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also achieved new results.

Sri Lanka’s unknown cause of chronic renal disease (CKDU) was a chronic disease in the high incidence of high incidence of dry areas in central Sri Lanka, and received great attention from international institutions such as the World Health Organization.According to Zhang Yaping, the team of Zhongswater Center, represented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other experts in the Sri Lanka, developed three sets of safety drinking water technology and equipment for the safety supply of chronic kidney disease (CKDU) ward for unknown reasons.On -site technology demonstration provided safe drinking water for nearly 4,000 local villagers and 1,300 students, which was highly appreciated by the local government and the public.

In September last year, the Chinese and German Academy of Sciences jointly signed and released the “Beijing Declaration”, which proposed to actively publicize the value and significance of science and basic research to the public and pay attention to the cultivation of young talents.”This is the first 400 years since the establishment of the German Academy of Sciences. For the first time, it has issued a joint declaration with a National Academy of Sciences. It has had an important impact in the international science and technology community, especially Germany.” Zhang Yaping said.

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