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"Scientific Power" plants on the moon!NASA announced the first scientific experiments of Artemis 3 – Crafts-export
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"Scientific Power" plants on the moon!NASA announced the first scientific experiments of Artemis 3

  Recently, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) announced the first 3 scientific experiments of Artemis 3 mission.


  Photo source: network

  The first experiment will explore the impact of the moon effect on the agricultural plant group (Leaf).Astronauts will plant plants on the surface of the moon to observe their photosynthesis and growth capabilities, as well as how they cope with the environmental pressure brought by low gravity and space radiation.Although this is not the first time that human beings have grown plants in space, the Leaf experiment will allow people to see the complete growth cycle of plants on the moon for the first time.

  In the second experiment, the astronauts will use a small seismizometer such as the Moon Environmental Monitoring Station (LEMS) to measure the moon shock near the moon’s Antarctica and describe the characteristics of the moon motion during the period.This helps researchers understand the structure below the moon.

  The last experiment will use the moon’s dielectric analyzer (LDA) to measure the monthly soil conductivity.The ice -combined ice with dust particles greatly improves the power conductivity of the moon soil. Therefore, LDA helps to find frost sediments and measure the changes in the sun soil during the rise and fall of the sun.

  ”The ultimate goal of Artemis’s plan is to lay the foundation for human beings to survive for a long time on the moon, which in turn teaches us how to prepare for manned Mars mission.” Pam Melroy, deputy director of NASA, said.

  Earlier this year, NASA announced that Artemis’s No. 3 mission was postponed until 2026. The task marked that since the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, humans will first walk on the moon surface.


  Source: Journal of Science

  Author: Xu Yue

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