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The 7th World Military Games is grandly opened in Wuhan – Crafts-export
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The 7th World Military Games is grandly opened in Wuhan

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, October 18 (Reporter Li Xueyong Li Xuanliang Li Jinfeng) The glory of soldiers and building peace in the world.The 7th World Military Games opened on the evening of the 18th in Wuhan, Hubei Province.Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the Central Committee, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the Games.

The 7th World Military Games is the first comprehensive international military sports event hosted by my country. It is also the largest international sports event held by my country after the Beijing Olympics.More than 9,300 military and physical fitness from 109 countries will compete in the same scene in Wuhan, Jiangcheng to enhance friendship.

On the evening of the 18th, the main stadium of the Wuhan Sports Center, which accommodates nearly 60,000 audiences, has a bustling and warm atmosphere.

At 20 o’clock, the Libin sounded, Xi Jinping and President Picirilo, chairman of the International Military Sports Council, entered the venue, and the audience sounded warm applause.The opening ceremony of the 7th World Military Games officially started.

In the music sound of “Red Flag Flutter”, a huge five -star red flag pattern covered the stadium, and then changed into the word “China”.With the transformation of lights and music, the emblem of the 7th World Military Games “Peace Friendship Bond” was lit, and the peace pigeon pattern appeared in the center of the venue.

Each national delegation entered the venue in the order of the first letter of the national French name.When the national flags of different countries pass through the podium, the audience applauded warmly and welcomed the athletes from afar.The host of the host Chinese delegation entered the last entrance. The athletes were strict with their arms and trembling. They held up the five -star red flag through the podium.Xi Jinping got up and waved his hand, and the applause cheered in the audience.A total of 553 Chinese delegations are the most delegates with the most athletes in the World Military Games.

“The five -star red flag flutter the wind, how loud the victory singing …” With the bright singing of “Singing the Motherland”, 16 ceremonial guards took a strong pace to embrace the national flag of the People’s Republic of China and the International Military and Sports Council.Enter the scene.After passing the podium, the honor guard held the banner and moved forward.In the national anthem of the majestic People’s Republic of China, the bright five -star red flag rose.Subsequently, the Council of the International Military and Sports Council will be charged with the Flag of the International Military and Sports Council.

Xu Qiliang, chairman of the 7th World Military Games Organizing Committee, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, extended a warm welcome to athletes, coaches and guests from various countries in the world.

President Picirilo, chairman of the International Military and Sports Council, thanked the Chinese government, the Chinese army, and Hubei Province, and Wuhan City for their careful preparation for the World Military Games. Wish athletes to achieve good results.

The Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Bach, said in a video speech that the World Military Games was at the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. This opportunity to express warm congratulations to the Chinese people and wish the Games a successful success.

Before the Flag of the International Military and Sports Council, the Chinese women’s volleyball player Yuan Xinxuan and the international basketball referee Weekming’s athletes and referees who participated in the World Military Games were swore.

At 21:00, Xi Jinping announced: “The seventh World Military Games opened!” The applause was thunderous and cheered.

Share friendship and build peace.The 7th World Military Games promotional video on the scene reviewed the situation of previous World Military Games and introduced the process of participating in the World Military Games by the Chinese Army.

Subsequently, the opening ceremony of the literary performance “Peaceful Fire” kicked off.The last article of the literary performance “Hua Xia · Endless”, divided into the light of civilization, the way of harmony, the picturesque Jiangshan, the Silk Road, and the fire of the stars. By tracing the history, the long -flowing Chinese civilization and the profound and profound and profound are profound.Ancient Chinese military culture, and its important contribution to promoting the progress of human society.In the next part of “Links, Meimei and the United States and the United States”, dividing the division of peace, the new world, the “Belt and Road”, the fate and the Communist Party, and the dream will fly away. Through the prospects, the new style of the people’s army strong army is displayed, and ChinaThe nation moves to the majestic weather, and conveys the firm beliefs of the Chinese people and the peoples of the world to promote the construction of a community of human destiny.The whole performance was based on the mother river and yellow land as the pen and ink, and shaped the image of the “Chinese mother” with a colorful light stage effect, and conveyed the beautiful wishes and unremitting efforts of the pursuit of peace and maintaining peace in the generations of generations.

At 22 o’clock, the passing ceremony of transmission and the main torch ignited in the torch field.From August 1st, the holy fire collected in Nanchang, the birthplace of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, was passed on in many cities and barracks, and finally arrived at Wuhan Sports Center.

Under the attention, Wang Hao, who won the Olympic champion and the World Table Tennis Championship, won 26 Kim Yongde, who won the world champion, Wang Tanglin, who won 10 International Military and Sports Five World Championships, and won the Olympic swimming champion.And Jiao Liuyang, who broke the Olympic record, Yang Yijing, a Chinese women’s volleyball player who won the Women’s Volleyball World Cup, Wang Shuang, a Wuhan women’s football athlete Wang Shuang, who won the title of “Miss Asian Football”, Liu Yudong, who served as the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation of the Olympic Games,The relay passed on the audience’s warm applause.

The torch torch named “Hehe” stood tough.As a girl was inlaid on the ground, which was engraved with the word “Peace”, the melodious music sounded, and the stairs leading to the torch tower were lit.The last stick torch player Liu Yudong walked to the torch tower, waved to the audience, and ignited the torch tower.The holy fire flying up along the tower symbolizing the “Belt and Road”, and the top of the tower -shaped tower -shaped tower was burned.

“In order to fly over the sea to sleep in the sand dunes, in order to cross the sky’s cannon shells is permanently prohibited, I would like to cast a sword as a plow, and I would like to bend the gun …” In the warm atmosphere set off in the theme song “The Fire of Peace”, the seventhThe opening ceremony of the World Military Games was successfully concluded.

Defense departments and military leaders from 42 countries were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Sun Chunlan, chairman of the 7th World Military Games Organizing Committee, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council, and Ding Xuexiang, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of the Central Secretariat, and director of the Central Office, attended the opening ceremony.

The World Military Games is a large -scale comprehensive sports meeting hosted by the International Military and Sports Council.The 7th World Military Games set up 27 major and 329 small items including military five, navy, five air forces, orientation off -road, skydiving, and skydiving.The 7th World Military Games will be closed on October 27.

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