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Good morning, Earth Village | New football major in two universities in Jiangxi – Crafts-export
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Good morning, Earth Village | New football major in two universities in Jiangxi

Maintenance in the province


On March 19, the 2024 National Youth Badminton Championships kicked off at the Nanchang National Sports Center Stadium.This competition is the highest -level youth badminton tournament in my country. The competition starts from March 19 to March 28.


From April this year, Nanchangchang North International Airport will successively open flights to Jeju and Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, South Korea.


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the record and approval results of undergraduate majors in ordinary colleges and universities in 2023 and released the undergraduate professional catalog of general colleges and universities in 2024.Among them, Donghua University of Technology and Jiangxi Normal University have added a new major in football.


On March 19th, according to CCTV News, Jiangxi’s Fuzhou campus jumped in the opera version of radio gymnastics!Poke video learning ↓↓ Share traditional culture together!

Domestic and international


On March 19, the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passed the “Maintenance of the National Security Regulations”.


On March 19, the ITTF announced the latest world ranking.Wang Chuqin, a Chinese team athlete Wang Chuqin, who won the men’s singles championship in the World Table Tennis Professional League (WTT) Singapore Grand Slam. He also ranked first in the world in the men’s doubles and mixed doubles.


On March 19, according to the China Railway Weibo, you can buy train tickets on the Qingming Festival (April 4) on March 21.


On March 18, local time, Russian President Putin announced that it would build a land corridor to Crimea.


On March 17, local time, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, said that he would send Starship to Mars within 5 years.


Today’s weather: Day is sunny during the day, and there is fog in the mountains in the morning.In the evening, the northern Gan is sunny and cloudy;

11 The weather in the district and city

Nanchang Qing 9 ~ 20 ℃

Jiujiang Qing 6 ~ 21 ℃

Jingdezhenqing 6 ~ 21 ℃

Yichunqing 8 ~ 21 ℃

Pingxiang Qing 8-23 ℃

Xinyu Qing 9 ~ 20 ℃

Ji’an Qing 8 ~ 21 ℃

Shangraoqing 6 ~ 21 ℃

Yingtan Cloudy 6 ~ 20 ℃

Fuzhou Qing 8 ~ 21 ℃

Ganzhou Cloudy 8 ~ 22 ℃

today in History

On March 20, 1999, human beings successfully flew around the world for the first time.

To enlarge the pattern and work hard, all sweats will achieve a better self.

On Wednesday today, Jiang Baojun said to you: Good morning!

Original title: “Good Morning, Earth Village | New Football Specialty in two universities in Jiangxi”

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