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China’s international patent application continues to lead, and people in the industry are anxious: Where is our Ministry of Sciences? – Crafts-export
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China’s international patent application continues to lead, and people in the industry are anxious: Where is our Ministry of Sciences?

(Observer Network News) Last year, China ’s international patent application volume ranked first, highlighting the great progress made by China’s scientific and technological development in recent years.

“China and the United States have quietly launched a fierce contest on another technology front.” The Hong Kong English media “South China Morning Post” reported on the 26th that China’s increasing technology and innovation ability have already brought a sense of urgency to many people in the United States. They are acknowledgingAt the same time as Chinese technical strength, it calls on the United States to regain the path of innovation and carry out proper exchanges and cooperation with China, otherwise, “there is not much time to reverse the fate of advanced industries.”

“Facing Chinese technological innovation, the United States cannot be an ostrich”

Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced the application report of the 2023 “Patent Cooperation Treaty” (PCT) system. China ’s PCT application volume is the first.South Korea and Germany followed closely.14 Chinese companies entered the top 50, and Huawei continued to “lead the lead” with 6494 PCT applications, while Ningde Times took a big step, increasing 84th place in the top eight.

On February 26, 2024, Barcelona, Spain, the Huawei booth/IC Photo at the World Mobile Communications Conference in 2024

Paul Lewis, the founder of American Data Protection Calamu, can’t help feeling how positive and rapid China’s technological progress is.

“China is completely different. This is a struggle with the United States and a battle for innovation on the world stage.” He said.

At the two sessions of this month, China announced that the scientific and technological expenditure arrangement of the central level in 2024 was 370.8 billion yuan, an increase of 10%.

The report mentioned that in the past, China’s “paying attention to the number of patents rather than quality” and “subsidies to subsidies to apply for patents” have attracted controversy, but China is improving the industry level to crack down on plagiarism and cracking down on research papers and non -standard patent applications.China pointed out in a report in January this year that China is committed to combating plagiarism in academic papers. In 2023, it also tightened the patent review policy, and at the same time increased the proportion of strict review of patents.

Experts said that the trend of China’s creativity is also obvious.Since the implementation of the Chinese Patent Law in 1985, overseas has often underestimated China’s creativity, such as “China has not published enough scientific papers”, “these papers have not been widely quoted”, “quoted but not in the top 1%”, etc., butIt turned out to be surprising again and again.

“China is climbing on the value chain.” Mark Cohen, head of the Asian Intellectual Property Program of the University of California Berkeley, said.

Although all countries are promoting patent applications, analysts said that China has raised it to another level.

The US Science and Technology Innovation Think Tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) index shows that China leads 7 industries in 10 industries including computers, electronics and chemicals, and the United States only in information technology, pharmaceutical and transportation, etc.3 industry leaders.

At the 6th Shanghai Expo, visitors watched a programmable quantum computer system in the Chinese Pavilion- “Zu Chongzhi” model/IC Photo

“There is not much time for the United States to reverse the fate of advanced industries.” The ITIF reported that “the competition for these industries for global advantages is zero -sum.”

“There is no doubt that China’s patent application does reflect potential technical capabilities. If we deny this, we are either stupid or like ostrich like ostrich.” ITIF Chairman Robert Atkinson said.He has worked in the US government economic committee.

“We have a little time, but at the end of this century, if we did not respond in a very comprehensive and serious way, it would be too late.” Atkinson added.

“Washington’s” Small Courtyard High Wall “strategy is short -sighted”

Although the United States is still the world’s largest country in R & D, the proportion of decades has fallen sharply, and China is catching up.In 1960, the US R & D expenditure accounted for 69%of the global R & D, and this number dropped to 30%by 2020.In 2021, US R & D expenditure was US $ 806 billion, while China was US $ 668 billion.

People in the United States believe that China’s governance system can more effectively formulate and quickly carry out national actions, while the fierce political differences and budget disputes in the United States have damaged the research and development expenditure to promote innovation in private sector.This year, the National Science Foundation (NSF) budget was cut by 8.3%to US $ 9.06 billion, a decrease of about 820 million US dollars from 2023.They also believe that many supreme leaders in the United States have been trained by engineers, but after the Cold War ended, the United States lost its sense of mission.

“There are many injuries caused by ourselves. We can’t blame all this in China.” Cohen said.

In recent years, the U.S. government has repeatedly restricted the exchanges between China and the United States under the guise of “intellectual property” and “national security”.) It was said that Washington called for “decoupling”, restricting high -tech exports, reviewing China ’s“ small courtyard wall ”strategy of Chinese students in American students and constantly setting up limited bilateral investment, which was short -sighted.

Pur said that the United States should make appropriate balance between controlling risks and cross -border cooperation income.

“We should participate in the way to find management risks, instead of making things that forced Tiktok to sell such a show.” He said, “Most people in Congress do not understand intellectual property rights, they do not understand innovation … this’ small courtyard’It is becoming quite narrow. ”

In Lewis’s view, the cumbersome patent application procedures in the United States are also one of the factors that hinder innovation.”I don’t understand, your patent page is limited, and you can use electronic to retrieve all places. Why does the application process take one and a half or even two years.”

“Except for the United States, almost every country has a national scientific department.” Lewis’s patent lawyer David Postolski asked, “Where are our scientific department? We really need to go back to innovation up”,”

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