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Yantai City Health and Health Commission: Health science adds motivation to rural revitalization – Crafts-export
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Yantai City Health and Health Commission: Health science adds motivation to rural revitalization

Qilu.com · Lightning News April 22 News In recent years, health has been paid more and more attention from the grassroots.How to make health knowledge enter the grassroots level and better serve the revitalization of the countryside and become a topic in front of the Health and Health Committee of Yantai.In order to do the homework of grassroots health, the Yantai City Health and Health Commission actively promotes the work of health science popularization to the grass -roots level.Knowledge is given to the masses to answer, helping them become the guardians of their own health, and add motivation to rural revitalization.
Continuously optimize the “expert library” of health science popularization.Since 2020, Yantai City has set out a team of health science experts covering multiple medical fields.By 2023, the team has expanded to 387 experts, and the professional field has also expanded to 33, providing a comprehensive health guidance for residents in the city.At the same time, various districts and cities have also actively responded to the establishment of a county -level science popularization expert library to further enrich expert resources and ensure that health science popularization knowledge can be passed on to grassroots people accurately and efficiently.
With the “Expert Library”, Yantai City will carry out a series of “Health Popular Science Experts to Walk the grassroots” every year.These activities revolved around different health and health themes, and presented professional health knowledge to the public through various forms such as television interviews, on -site freelance, popular science lectures, and short videos.Especially in 2023, Yantai City also innovatively carried out “popularization of health knowledge and enjoying healthy life” popular science preaching activities. Experts went deep into village, communities, enterprises, schools, and pension institutions to customize the content of preaching according to the characteristics of different groups.Let healthy knowledge truly ears.
After the expert library is enriched, the health science popularization work “hot”.The Municipal Health and Health Commission cooperates with a number of mainstream media to open a healthy column and produce a series of health science science programs, which effectively improves the efficiency of health knowledge.Coordinating the newly revised “Healthy Yantai” column of Yantai Rong Media Center and the newly added “Healthy Yantai Video Board”, which attracted a large number of audiences and became an important window for the masses to obtain health knowledge with rich content and lively form.
The popular science work is “hot” and also “live”.Yantai has continuously optimized the service chain and enhances the fun and interaction of activities.The Municipal Commission of Health and Health has organized science science reading books such as “66 Health Quality” and “Twenty -Four Twenty Renxual Mealing Guidelines”, and inspire the masses to participate in the enthusiasm of the masses through the form of awards, walking, walking and other activities.At the same time, holding a short video work contest of health science popularization media has stimulated the enthusiasm of the creation of the health system. Many outstanding works won awards in provincial competitions, further expanding the influence of health science popularization work in Yantai.
The relevant person in charge of the Yantai City Health Commission said that this year, it will continue to deepen the health science work, set up a medical volunteer service team, and conduct in -depth at the grassroots level to carry out “health preaching into the grassroots level, free clinic service to the side” activity.By providing a diverse, accurate and standardized health science popularization services, open up the “last mile” at the grassroots level of science popularization services, and further enhance the health literacy of rural residents.
Lightning News reporter Yu Beijia Correspondent Yan Chengxiang Liu Li Mu Yan Yan Rong reported
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