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"It’s closer to family doctors!" Daning Road Street helps health services "zero distance" – Crafts-export
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"It’s closer to family doctors!" Daning Road Street helps health services "zero distance"

“Now, there are often in the communityHealth lectureAs well asHealth Advisory, OK every monthFree blood pressure, blood sugar for freeIt brought us real convenience.”

When it comes to health care services carried out by the community, Aunt Zhang, who lives in Daning Road Street to extend the residential area of Xincun, praises it.

The reporter learned from Daning Road Street that in order to improve the level of public health services in the community and improve the ability to respond to major public health events, the streets have solidly promoted the construction of the public health committee under the neighborhood committee.The work method of the “three -story collaboration” of streets, communities, and building groups, Weaving the integrated network of “governance+service” of the grass -roots level of public health, fully enhance the sense of gain and satisfaction of community residents.

The street builds a public health defense line

Link professional medical resources

In order to build a grid -based governance platform, Daning Road Street divides the jurisdiction intoExtend the heart warm heartAs well asGuangzhong styleAs well asLingshi GamingAs well asNorth BeichengWait for four neighborhoods.

In March 2023, Daing Road Street is based on four blocks.Plan and promote the establishment of a public health committee, Widely absorb community health service centers, medical institutions medical personnel, retired medical staff, etc. as members of the Public Health Commission, to achieve full coverageWith “1+8”, one community health center and 8 health stations as the platform, so that the family doctors team enters the four block grids of the street.Radiation to various residential areas, arrange family doctors to settle one -on -one, and serve as deputy director of the Public Health Committee.

At the same time, the introduction of professional medical resources in the streets to participate in social governance, open up the community public service for 15 minutes, and then make the people’s life circles, so that community residents can feel that people’s livelihood care is around and reach.

Community aggregation multi -party forces

Let health services “zero distance”

At present, under the promotion of the Public Health Committee of the residential area,43,800 family doctors have been signed in the area under the jurisdiction of Daning Road StreetThe family doctor service team provides a health management service of active continuous, comprehensive, and personalized responsibility system for residents.

The Public Health Committee of each residential district and the community health service center cooperate. In addition to daily diagnosis and treatment, they are also responsible for family doctors in the area to sign services, as well as residents’ health file management, healthy consultation, health assessment, maternal and elderly health management.

At the same time, the neighborhood committees of Daning Road Street and family doctors of various health service sites actively coordinate and link public health work, combined with community convenience service activities, and organize the development of traditional Chinese medicine health science science, respiratory disease prevention, chronic disease patients, and chronic diseases.Prevention, osteoporosis, prevention and control of osteoporosis, oral health care, and other health science popularization, and enhance personal hygiene protection capabilities.

Relying on the building to carry out medical services

Be a good resident health “steward”

“We all have WeChat from family doctors. We can send WeChat to ask any questions. We have a step closer to our family doctors. My parents are also influenced by the concept of healthy lectures and healthy life.To various health activities. “

When it comes to changes in life recently, Ms. Chen said so.

It is understood that the Public Health Committee of the residential districts of Daning Road Street relies on the WeChat group of the building group to invite a team of doctors to join to answer the residents’ questions anytime, anywhere, and let the residents feel the convenience services of the “door”.Provide residents with online consultation, medication guidance and other services, providing health consultation such as purchase, medical treatment, and medical consultation, especially for the key groups of doctors to sign a family doctor, and provide more professional and personalized public medical services.

In the next stage, Daning Road Street will continue to strengthen coordination with the medical and health departments to gradually improve and improve the construction system and working mechanism of the Public Health Committee, and provide more high -quality, more convenient and more intimate public health services.

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