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The explosive AI new technology brings multiple anxiety to educators?These topics were discussed at this closed -door meeting – Crafts-export
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The explosive AI new technology brings multiple anxiety to educators?These topics were discussed at this closed -door meeting

A few days ago, a closed -door seminar held in Shanghai Zhizhou attracted more than dozens of colleges and universities in the country.At the meeting, the issues were raised one by one to exacerbate the anxiety of the participants.
Right now, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) has started acceleration. If human beings can gain any knowledge they want to learn through AI in the future, and obtain less than inferior experience in traditional education, what should university do?Will the university be subverted by AI?
At this seminar hosted by the Peking University Future Education Management Research Center, scholars argued for a whole day.In their opinion, the current society, changes in education, and changes in educators are imminent.
If you have too late to learn, you can’t teach. AI impact education is especially
Einstein once said that the so -called education is the remaining things left after a person who has learned at school.Therefore, the essence of education is not to convey “explicit knowledge”, but to increase the “remaining things” what Einstein calls.
At the beginning of the seminar, Lin Jianhua, the founding director of the Future Education Management Research Center of Peking University and the former principal of Peking University, revealed his confusion: a person’s life, only one percent of AI or even one thousandthsWith the development of artificial intelligence to general artificial intelligence and super artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence passes “self -study” through “self -study”. After mastering more knowledge, will those “remaining things” be more than humans?At that time, did we still have value for education?
Unlike Lin Jianhua, Qi Yuan, Dean of Fudan University’s Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Industrial Research Institute, admits that he is being troubled by “dual anxiety”.On the one hand, the rapid development of artificial intelligence allows him to study artificial intelligence to even “chase” even the latest published papers. He jokingly said that because there are too many new content to be learned, “now all are all,” Now all are all all, “Now they are all all,” Now they are all all.In fact, every scholar engaged in AI research is “stressful.”
On the other hand, as a professor of university, Qi Yuan also bear “identity anxiety”: In traditional teachers and students, teachers are often the supply side of knowledge; with the development of technology, AI can assume the function of knowledge supply in the future.Fill in the gap of information.”In the future, what kind of university and teacher do we need?”
Gao Yiqin, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology of Peking University, and professor of chemistry and molecular biology, also has a similar sense.”In the past, the goal that university teachers must work hard are to teach students to have a useful knowledge or ability after 20 years; but now the rapid development of science and technology, we can’t help but think about whether the knowledge that we teach to students ourselves has not yet walked out of the school gate.At this time, it has been abolished. “
As an active promoter of the development of large models, Qi Yuan knows that technological development has always been non -linear. When it accumulates a certain time point, explosive growth will occur.AI has obviously passed this time, and is in the outbreak.Especially after the advent of ChatGPT, whether the outside world requires artificial intelligence to accelerate or achieve value alignment, an indisputable fact is that the current upgrade iteration of AI has not stopped at all, which will bring human society and human survival form at all.Great changes.”As an educator, how do you face future education?” Qi Yuan asked.
The way people interact with the world are changing because of AI
I still remember that more than 10 years ago, when online education took off, the academic community was also worried that online education would replace offline education.But it turns out that no matter how good the technology is, it is impossible to replace the communication between people and people in the classroom.
But this time, the situation is not the same.The development of AI brings changes in the way human interaction with the world, and this is particularly important in education.So, will universities become attractive to educated people?In fact, this is not only the concerns of Chinese universities, but many foreign universities also have the same concerns.
While thinking about thinking, he couldn’t help thinking of a movie “Her” he had watched.The film tells the story of a person who knows his mobile phone more than anyone in the world every day because he talks with his mobile phone, so he loves his mobile phone.Qi Yuan said: “What if this person is our teacher, student or anyone of us? In the visible future, we will definitely encounter an AI that understands ourselves better than anyone. At this time, how should education change”” “
At the seminar, scholars initiated a warm discussion at the scene.
In fact, these ideas about the future are not far away.Professor Wang Weimin, deputy director of the medical department of Peking University, said that when he was waiting for the plane, he wanted to write a case library for students in clinical medicine.Because it was a temporary intention, he decided to ask the artificial intelligence software on the mobile phone: “Writing a case of an obstructive jaundice pot peripheral cancer, and attached the result of the test index and medical imaging examination.” Soon, a complete case of casesIt appeared on his mobile phone.Subsequently, he asked the software to list the knowledge points in the case. Similarly, he quickly got the result, and the software also drew the knowledge map.
Wang Weimin couldn’t help sighing. With AI assistants, the completion of these tasks was not only very high, but also fast.”Under such circumstances, as long as medical students learn to ask questions, they can master the same knowledge through artificial intelligence.”
To actively embrace AI, we must also prevent the potential risks brought by technology
The rise of AI will impact on various industries such as education.Sorting out the “anxiety” of the scholars in this seminar, nothing more than two questions: What kind of people need in the future?How do teachers and students today learn more effectively with AI?
Right now, many universities have begun to try to include artificial intelligence -related content in teaching and scientific research, hoping to increase students’ understanding and mastery of artificial intelligence.At present, University of Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and other universities have included AI -related courses into general education.
The principals of various well -known universities across the country and the heads of teaching shared the experience of universities’ combination of artificial intelligence and education at the scene at the scene.
“When the knowledge production method moves from the elite to the public, the university is gradually losing the monopoly of knowledge. Only by opening the boundary and becoming the center of innovative resources can we conform to the development trend of modern universities.” In Lin Jianhua, although AI can master a lotPublic knowledge that people are difficult to reach, but they cannot connect with the material world like a person, understand and transform the world and evolve independently.Therefore, Lin Jianhua suggested that AI as a tool and actively embrace AI.Universities should build a balanced and efficient learning environment, and pay attention to the ethical problems brought by emerging technologies to prevent potential risks.
Wang Weimin talked with medical education that AI has the ability to be beyond human imagination in terms of “summary” cases, or to master existing medical knowledge, but as far as medical education is concerned, we should think about it at the moment.What is outside of knowledge.In Wang Weimin’s expert clinic, he can often see 30 patients in the morning. Many of them do not need to be treated with Dan Ge, and just want to talk to the doctor.The harmonious communication between doctors and patients itself is also a “treatment”, which enhances the patient’s confidence in treatment and allows patients to feel at ease.”This is what medical education is taught to students. Although medical knowledge is necessary, the communication between doctors and patients can at least currently teach students.”
Lai Yuan said that at present, the computing power, data, investment and talents in the industry have indeed gone in front of colleges and universities.In this case, how colleges and universities do well in teaching and scientific research are indeed a very big challenge.”If Galileo invented the astronomical telescope more than 400 years ago, allowing humans to see the universe and stars more accurately. For scientific researchers today, artificial intelligence is a telescope or microscope in the new era.Seeing a more micro world, and the real challenge is how we use it better. “
Author: Jiang Peng
Text: Jiang Pengtu: Interviewee Figure Editor: Wu Jinjiao Editor in charge: Fan Liping
Reprinted this article, please indicate the source.
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