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Qingming small holiday tourism reservations have doubled year -on -year, and "fighting holidays" outbound travel continues to heat up – Crafts-export
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Qingming small holiday tourism reservations have doubled year -on -year, and "fighting holidays" outbound travel continues to heat up

On March 23, 2024, tourists set up flowers in Jinhua Village, Xinglong Town, Nanchuan District, Chongqing.Visual China Map

There are more than ten days before the Qingming holiday. The popularity of the tourism market has arrived in advance, and it is expected to inject a strong motivation to the holiday economy.

Securities Times · E Company reporters learned from a number of OTA platforms that this year’s Qingming holiday tourists have a high enthusiasm for travel, and some platform related orders have doubled.In terms of travel trends, flowers are the most popular keywords in this small holiday.In general, the Qingming holiday will usher in a small peak of travel, and the high prosperity of the tourism market is expected to continue.

Recently, the temperature in many places in many places in the country has become warm, and many tourists have started planning to travel during the Qingming holiday in advance.On March 21, Ctrip’s report showed that the reservations for holiday travel products such as Qingming holidays and hotels have gradually risen recently. They returned to their hometowns to visit relatives, appreciate flowers, and travel holidays.From the perspective of search heat, during the Qingming small holiday, domestic hotels’ search popularity exceeded the same period of 2019 and 2023, up 67%year -on -year; air ticket search heat increased by 80%year -on -year.

Booking in advance also reflects the popularity of the Qingming Festival tourism market.Data show that the number of ticket reservations for scenic spots in holidays have increased by more than 6 times year -on -year, and domestic self -driving car rental reservations increased by 240%year -on -year.

Tourism -related reservations on another platform have also doubled.On March 22, Flying Pig’s release data showed that as of now, the popularity of Qingming Holidays has increased by more than 7 times year -on -year. Among them, high -speed rail, self -driving, and cycling have become popular ways of travel.increase.The family travel has increased significantly. The proportion of parent -child orders such as air tickets, hotels, and other services increased by nearly 20%year -on -year, and the per capita reservation volume increased by 15%year -on -year.

Since March, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, rapeseed flowers, etc. in some southern regions have been opened one after another. Flowers and tourism are still one of the highlights of this year’s holiday.According to Tuniu data, among the many popular destinations of flowers, Yangzhou, Xinghua, Wuyuan, Wuxi, Wuhan, Yunyang, Luo Ping, Anshun, Linzhi, Yili, etc. attracted more tourists and photography enthusiasts.On the Flying Pig platform, the cherry blossoms won the “Hua Kui” during the Qingming holiday this year. Wuhan University, Nanjing Jiming Temple, Wuxi Taihu Lugu Scenic Area, etc. are popular attractions for cherry blossom viewing.The popularity after the cherry blossoms is rapeseed, peony, peach blossoms, and azaleas. Wuyuan, Luoyang, Nyingchi, and Macheng are the popular destinations of the above flowers.

Judging from the dimensions of the travel destinations, the popularity of cultural tourism has ushered in many places across the country, and many small cities have ushered in explosive growth during the Qingming holiday.According to Ctrip data, the number of tourism orders during the Qingming Festival holiday this year increased by more than 21 times compared with the same period last year; on the Tongcheng travel platform, this year, the tourism popularity of the Qingming small holiday in Jingdezhen has increased by 331%year -on -year.During the long holidays of Yanbian and Zibo, the popularity of tourism during the long holidays increased by more than 200%.Flying Pig data shows that Tianshui, Weifang, Datong, Zibo, Xuzhou, Jingdezhen, Yueyang, Tai’an, Kaifeng, Zhangzhou, etc. are the dark horse destinations traveling during the Qingming holiday this year, with a reservation growth rate of more than 10 times year -on -year.

It is worth mentioning that although the Qingming Festival only took 3 days of vacation, many tourists chose “please take 3 to 8”, and the “fighting leave” gradually became popular.According to Meituan and Volkswagen Comment data, as of March 11, the Qingming holiday (March 30 -April 6), the number of domestic long -term tourism and outbound tourism reservations increased significantly.Times.Among them, Thailand’s year -on -year increase has reached 7 times.Flying Pig data also shows that as of now, the number of outbound hotel reservations has increased by nearly three times year -on -year, and the number of outbound travel line products has increased by more than 4 times year -on -year. Japan, Thailand, South Korea, etc. are popular places.

Li Jiwei, deputy dean of Meituan Research Institute, said that compared with previous years, this year’s holiday arrangement is more sufficient and rich. For consumers, it means higher frequent and flexible travel choices, longer travel radius, deeper depthTraveling experience; for merchants, it means that there are more in the peak season and the service window is stretched.

Many institutions believe that after the catalysis of the Qingming holiday, the tourism market is expected to continue.According to the current booking situation, in the current booking situation, in the 3 -day holiday of Qingming, short -distance and surrounding tour occupies the majority.For consumers, the Qingming holiday in 2024 has a more flexible travel option. It is expected to activate the “holiday economy” in both short -term or long -term tourism and drive cultural tourism consumption.In terms of outbound tourism, “fighting fake” is expected to help the launch of the industry chain to benefit. With the continuous expansion of the visa -free scope, the entry tour market is expected to further recover with the policy support and enter the recovery expressway.

Dongguan Securities pointed out that domestic travel is not as weak as the off -season, which is expected to boost the confidence of the sector.In terms of entry and exit tourism, there have been continuous favorable in the near future, and unilateral visa -free countries have added six countries.service requirements.Looking forward to the first quarter report, the hottest Spring Festival and the long holiday drive the long holidays of the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival. Platform data such as Ctrip shows that the off -season of the first quarter travel sector is not faint, and the performance is expected to exceed the expected repair.

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