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Nine exercises that are susceptible to injury, whether students and percentages need to be protected. – Crafts-export
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Nine exercises that are susceptible to injury, whether students and percentages need to be protected.

Multiple exercise exercises are effective ways to develop a healthy and good constitution, but some exercise is more severe, or it is more likely to be injured.For example, in recent years, fitness and slimming are popular. Many people like to watch mobile phones at home to practice with their mobile phones. They can be easily injured according to gourds. It is best to take certain protective measures or emergency preparations before exercise.

Let ’s summarize some easily injured exercises, as well as protective measures that need to be done.

1. Football:

Football is one of the most crazy and passionate competitions. Running around on the court, it is easy to fall when grabbing the ball, and it is easyHe was kicked and injured by his opponent, injured by the ball and so on.

2. Gymnastics:

High difficulty exercise, it is difficult to move. As soon as the orientation is biased or the limb movements are not in place, it will be unexpected. Non -professionals are not recommended to play gymnastics.

Third, fast running or long -distance running:

Running is the simplest and most common exercise. When the speed is too fast, or if the duration is longer, and the terrain is unhealthy, there is still a certain chance of falling.So it is best to wear knee pads before running.

Four, skiing:

The sun reflection and skiing high -energy consumption on the snow are important challenges to judge athletes. It is easy to fall or be abraded by the ground when a little loss.

5. Basketball

Playing basketball is very common and easy to be injured. Most of them hurt themselves, such as losing balance in the air, holding the anti -joints of the landing, accidentally bearing the other elbow, or accidentally stiring your fingers, and so on.

Five sports, basketball, gymnastics, running, and skiing are all very easy to cause tracts such as bumps and scratches.People who do these movements are recommended to warm up, wear knee pads, wrist guards and other protective gear.PreparePingchu Network Management Department, Pingjiang DistrictThe high -quality medical cold compresses are provided.

6. Yoga:

Many women like to do yoga. It is also common to watch videos with mobile phones. If the yoga posture is incorrect or excessive, it may cause muscle strain and ligament sprains. When not skilled, try to use yoga auxiliary tools.

Seven, weight loss:

Weightlifting is a very dangerous movement. The incorrect or heavy weight of the posture may cause shoulder joints, spine and waist injuries.It is recommended to do this exercise to do it and try to do it under the guidance of professionals.

8. Ride a bicycle at night:

At night, the sight is not very good. Whether it is a car on the road or the vision of pedestrians, it will be affected to some extent.And if the riding position is incorrect or the road surface is not flat, it may cause accidental or bump. It is recommended to ride in places with fewer vehicles and pedestrians. Do not control the control speed too fast.

Nine, swimming:

Incorrect swimming posture or no proper swimming skills may cause cramps, shoulder injuries or stretching, drinking water in the pool, etc., especially swimming in the wild.It is recommended to go swimming in the swimming pool. Uncomfortable people should not exercise too severe or under the guidance of specialized personnel.

In general, if you don’t pay attention to any exercise, you may be injured, but some exercise is more likely to be injured.It is recommended to maintain the correct posture during exercise, avoid excessive force, and take good protection measures, which can reduce many unnecessary damage.

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