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It turns out that minimalist talents are the key to high -level dressing! – Crafts-export
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It turns out that minimalist talents are the key to high -level dressing!

Hi, all of the fairy, everyone, everyone!

Many women say that it is difficult to create a sense of high -level. No matter how they wear it, they cannot compare with those bloggers.In fact, if you have carefully observed the dress of those bloggers with high -level dressing, it should not be difficult to find that the key to building a high -level sense is minimalist!

The simpler, the more fashionable, and some too fancy clothes, try to avoid it, and choose the simple basic clothes to wear it to let you wear a high -level sense.

Who is suitable for minimalist wind?

For the minimalist style, does it pick the crowd?The answer is not to pick!Because the clothes used by minimalist wind wearing are basically basic classic models, and these clothes are suitable for people of all ages and people of all kinds of figures.It is just that you need to choose your own version. Pay attention to selecting the right color according to your skin color, so that you can present the fashion and advanced sense of minimalist style!

What are the characteristics of minimalist wind?

If you want to show the sense of fashion and advancement of minimalist wind, then you must understand some of its characteristics so that you can make you look better.▼

☆ Clothing tailoring is simple and profitable

Everyone may know that if you want to create a minimalist style, the clothing you use must be the basic model.But it’s not a casual clothes.The minimalist wind wearing contains the simple and profitable clothing, mainly based on straight lines, and the sense of sharpness is obvious.

Compared with other personalized clothing, the costumes used by minimalist wind will be more humane. They will consider different body characteristics. While ensuring the simple style of the clothes, it can also modify the body.

☆ Simple and clean color matching

If you are familiar with the secret of minimalist wind, you will definitely know that the colors used in this style are indispensable.Of course, there are some other colors, and the earth color is also a commonly used color. Compared with the colors of black and white and gray, the items of the earth color will appear more elegant to wear.

The color matching of minimalist wind should be simple and clean as a whole, and you cannot mix and set up too much other colors. Of course, in addition to choosing the classic black and white gray, you can also mix and match some earth colors, such as beige, coffee or brown, etc.Wait, the addition of these colors will make your dress look more gentle.

How to wear minimalist wind?

1. Light pink long coat+white turtleneck sweater+gray casual suit pants

I really like this kind of lazy dress, how about you?At first glance, it was attracted by its color matching. It looks super gentle, right?The light pink long coat, this pink tone will not wear the sense of breath at all, but it will give people a young girl style.

I chose a white high -necked sweater in the inside, which is too beautiful to complement the pink ~ And the gray casual suit pants and sneakers with the lower body make the whole dress a little more sports style.In addition, it’s fashionable!

2. Little incense wind jacket+black velvet trousers

It turns out that minimalist wind is the key to being significant!In the autumn and winter seasons, you should try this style of dressing more. The simpler the more fashionable, right?The color of the light yellow small incense wind jacket, its version is a little width, so there will be a good modification and cover effect on the body.The sugar base is very suitable for autumn and winter, making you look warm.

Choose a pair of black velvet trousers in the lower body. This kind of excellent pants are too long behind the upper body. The key is very thin. After adding a pair of sports shoes, it has a little casual effect.

3. Black long coat+hooded sweater+gray casual suit pants

This set of Korean is worn in winter, and the little fairies who like it may wish to wear it ~ Classic black long coats will be very popular in the autumn and winter seasons of each year, versatile and fashionable.It will be more warm, and it can also create a sense of layering. The black high -necked base+gray hooded sweater. This combination is really layered and looks good.

Select a pair of gray casual suit pants on the lower body. The pants with such good pendant feel are too long behind the upper body. Finally, add a pair of sneakers, the whole person looks very tall.

4. Camel coat+plaid skirt+short boots

In addition to choosing a basic style of the basic style, the minimalist style also follows certain matching skills, such as the simple and complicated combination. This layered and fashionable method of wearing is really worth learning!Looking at this set of wearing, the sense of atmosphere is really full. The whole person looks very temperamental. The camel long coat+checkered version of the woolen skirt, the combination of simplified and complex, is really fashionable and beautifulIn addition, with a pair of thick -heeled boots, elegance is still temperament.

Conclusion:Alright, the above is the dress shared today, do you still like it?To tell the truth, minimalist wind is the key to significant!If you also want to create this sense of high -level, then learn these minimalist wear!

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