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Fashionable and simple FAW -Volkswagen ID.7 vizzion, high -quality choice for your car purchase – Crafts-export
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Fashionable and simple FAW -Volkswagen ID.7 vizzion, high -quality choice for your car purchase

FAW-Volkswagen’s latest pure electric car FAW-VIA VIZZION is only about 250,000. This price is very close to the price of some joint venture compact high-profile models.From that perspective of that dimension, FAW -VIZZION can be regarded as winners.

Simple and stylish appearance

From the perspective of appearance, we can see that the design style of FAW -Valen ID.7 vizzion is still simple and rounded body.In addition, the car is also equipped with LED headlights, penetrating LED daytime running lights, black rearview mirrors, hidden door handles, and so on.So at a glance, it looks very popular.FAW -Volkswagen ID.7 Vizzion is equipped with 18 -inch wheels. Consumers can also choose a 19 -inch wheels according to their needs, which looks more elegant and more atmospheric.Two different sizes of wheels provide more choices for consumers.Next, let’s take a look at the tail design of the vehicle. Through the picture, we can see that the tail design of FAW -VIZZION’s tail design is mainly simple, without too much decorative elements.The first feeling to bring people is amazing and more durable.The dazzling logo at the tail fully shows the recognition of FAW -Volkswagen and enhances the sense of exquisiteness. In this detail, the exquisite craftsmanship of FAW -Volkswagen is looking at.

Configuration of technology intelligence

According to the vehicles in the car market today, the car has entered a simple design, but this is also a double -edged sword. If it is too simple, it will be criticized.It is difficult to get started, and it will not bring people a feeling of brightness and use.FAW Volkswagen ID.7 Vizzion undoubtedly a balanced among the two, which really broke the traditional design style.In the interior ID.7 vizzion, there is no extra design element, but the 15 -inch smart 2K suspension screen is used, and the large -sized surrounding integrated instrument panel is used.Seeing this here, do you also feel that the interior of FAW -Volving.7 Vizzion is full of sense of technology?It is worth mentioning that the new car is also configured with ID. OS 2.0 new car operating system. The driver will not have a stuttering situation at all during operation. The focus is also on supporting many functions such as online music and online videos.Such a technology intelligent configuration allows the co -driver to pass the time during the journey. Not only can you swipe the video through your mobile phone, but also play videos in the car, let alone the new car’s car is quite “efficient”.

Excellent space performance

As a medium and large sedan, FAW -Volvia ID.7 vizzion has a wheelbase of nearly 3M. It can be seen that the space of the car is very good. Adjust the space of the sitting position and the legs of more than two punch. FAW -VIZZIONThere is no “playing little smart”, the space of the rear seats is larger, and the seat can be adjusted according to its own needs. This is an important part of improving the internal space. Thanks to the reasonable space designThe comfort is to make a large space by standing upright and shortening the cushion, and the large space provides users with a comfortable and spacious driving feeling.

The battery life is very high

Finally, in terms of battery life, FAW -Volksa ID.7 Vizzion configures a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 84.8kWh, and the mileage can reach 642 kilometers under CLTC.Through the city -free road section and mountain road test, the vehicle’s power consumption is basically 13.5 kWh, or even as low as 12.5 kWh, which means that the car can achieve a range of 642 kilometers high. It can be seen that FAW -Volkswagen ID.7 can be seenVizzion’s battery life is very high.

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