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Important reminder!Customs off -campus education and training! – Crafts-export
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Important reminder!Customs off -campus education and training!

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parents of the students, improve the quality of off -school training services, and prevent events such as “difficult refunds” and “rolling money running” of off -campus training institutions. It is particularly reminded to remind the majority of students and friends of the students to buy the parent -side app to purchase the parent -side app for off -campus training.Lesson or renewal, related precautions and use processes, learn with the editor–

1. What is “Parenting Parents Outside School” APP

The “Parenting Parents’ Parents” APP is launched by the Ministry of Education. It provides the application of the official purchase service of unified off -school training in the country. This APP is a public welfare and free application software. You can use the mobile phone application market (app store/APPStore) Search for installation.You can log in to the APP to view information such as the type, licenses, charges, teachers and evaluations of the institution, and achieve the entire process of choosing courses, purchase, contract signing, elimination of courses, refunds, and evaluation.

2. What is “one lesson and one disappearance”

The training fee you paid first entered the institutional pre -collection fee supervision account. The training institution cannot withdraw the funds in the account without authorization. Only after the training institution has completed the course of the course and is confirmed by the parentsThe cost of the course realizes “complete a course and settle the cost of settlement.””One lesson and one disappearance” can protect your legitimate rights and interests to the greatest extent.

3. What are the benefits of buying lessons through the “Parents of Parents Outside School” APP

1. All registered on the APP are all compliant compliance school training institutions. You can choose to choose to avoid being deceived.

2. While the APP purchase course, it will sign a standard “Election Training Service Contracts” (electronic contracts) with the training institution to clearly clarify the rights and obligations of both parties and protect your legitimate rights and interests.

3. When you have a reasonable refund request, you can apply for a refund through the APP. According to the contract (if the training institution has not been confirmed for more than 5 days, the platform is deemed to be agreed), and the pre -collection course fee is returned to your account.

Parents and friends are requested to choose off -school training rationally. If you do not follow the trend or obedience. If you have training needs, please be sure to purchase the course through the “Parenting Parents’ Parents” APP. Do not choose off -campus training institutions or participate in illegal training.Some institutions encourage parents to bypass the app to purchase lessons, or induce parents to pay for more than three months or 60 classes in the form of discounts, discounts, etc., or cost more than 5,000 yuan.Resolutely resist.For this kind of situation, please report it through the Shandong “double reduction” report or call the report.

Shandong “Double Decrease” report

Outside school training parent -side app use process


Install off -campus training parent -side app

Search for the parent -side training of off -campus training in the mobile application market/app store.

Outside school training parent -side app


Related children’s information and improve the signing of the contractor information

After the installation is successful, open the APP, register and log in to the account, enter the “My” page, click “Settings” → “Related Children” → “Add Children Information”, enter the name, selective gender and certificate type, enter the document number, and click “Save itAnd submit “.

Click “Settings” → click “Contract Signing Information” → click “Edit” → Enter the guardian’s name, contact phone number, contact address, select certificate, input certificate number, and click “Submit”.


Purchase course

After filling in the relevant information and related children, you can select the institution for purchasing courses, sign the electronic contract and pay the fee, and the cost will directly reach the fund supervision account of the training institution.The training institution completes the lecture. After the parents confirm the consent, the supervisory bank will allocate the corresponding classes to the training institution’s settlement account.

In the case of discounts such as discount promotion, you can induce you to use the situation of purchase and payment of lessons except for the parent -side app except the school.

Source | Shandong Education Release

Original title: “Important Reminder!Customs off -campus education and training!”

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