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Wenxiang New Product Exhibition-Jilin Station is grandly held, artificial intelligence+education adds new motivation-Xinwenxiang, new products, new journey – Crafts-export
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Wenxiang New Product Exhibition-Jilin Station is grandly held, artificial intelligence+education adds new motivation-Xinwenxiang, new products, new journey


    Recently, Academician Huai Jinpeng, Minister of Education, expressed his views on the “Artificial Intelligence+” actions proposed by the government work report at the two sessions, emphasizing the in -depth application of artificial intelligence technology in the entire process of education and management.Wen Xiang responded positively and continued to work with artificial intelligence and information technology to empower the digitalization of education. The launch of its full series of new products marked the deepening application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of education, and it is expected to further promote the digital transformation and high -quality development of education.

    On March 23, Wenxiang’s 2024 new product exhibition-Jilin Station was grandly held.The theme of this tour is “New Wenxiang, New Products, and New Journey”. It aims to promote the innovation and upgrading of the education industry through the display of a series of innovative education technology products, and promote the balance of education and high -quality development.Many industry experts and partners gathered together to explore the future trend of education technology.Zhu Yurong, chairman of Wenxiang, Shi Shoujun, senior vice president, Liu Guofeng, general manager of the Northeast Region, and Li Mingnan, general manager of Jilin Branch, attended the tour.

    Liu Guofeng, general manager of Wenxiang Northeast District, expressed his sincere gratitude to his long -term support for his long -term support, and was full of expectations for future cooperation prospects.He emphasized that Wen Xiang’s new products were carefully built on the basis of in -depth insight into market demand, and aimed to meet the diversified needs of the education industry through technological innovation.Liu Guofeng also said that the company will continue to deepen the cooperative relationship with agents and jointly develop a broader market prospect.

    Zhu Yurong, chairman of Wenxiang, delivered a speech at the dinner. He expressed his firm support for the work of Jilin Province and made two promises to Jilin partners. One was integrity and one was a win -win situation.

    Wang Lu, manager of the training department, made a comprehensive introduction to this new product, so that users can clearly understand the products and solutions promoted this time.Application and broad prospects in the field.

    Feng Zhaohui, a pre -sale manager of Wenxiang Company, introduced the Corilla Digital Lab to the audience, covering the laboratory’s hardware facilities, software systems and application scenarios.This introduction allows users to have a more comprehensive understanding of the Koran Digital Laboratory.

Education and Technology Innovation

Help education high -quality development

    Wen Xiang’s 4K mobile recording and broadcasting machine has become a star product of this ceremony with its excellent portability and flexibility.This product can be quickly applied to different scenarios, providing recording and live broadcast services for various activities in different industries.Its built -in 17.3 -inch touch screen and one -button operation design make the recording process simple and convenient.Equipped with AI tracking technology to further improve equipment performance.In addition, high -capacity battery design ensures long -term use of the equipment and ensures that it is good to miss any wonderful moments.

    Wenxiang’s 4K recording and broadcasting machine has also received widespread attention. This product not only has the basic functions of high -definition recording and real -time transmission. At the same time, the powerful chip processing capacity also allows it to integrate a variety of teaching modes to adapt to different teaching scenarios.Whether it is traditional classroom teaching, remote teaching or online learning, 4K recording and broadcast all -in -one machines can provide stable and efficient teaching solutions. At the same time, it also has the functions such as voice conversion, extraction, and AI behavior analysis, so that youRecording and broadcast content is more rich and diverse, bringing a new teaching experience to teachers and students.

    Wenxiang also launched a 4K normalized recording and broadcasting machine, which aims to solve the problem of uneven distribution of educational resources.This new recording all -in -one machine has high -definition picture quality and stable performance, which can meet long, high -frequency recording and broadcast needs.The integrated image tracking system and AI intelligent algorithm have achieved automatic tracking shooting to ensure that every wonderful moment in the teaching process is recorded.The high -integrated design of the equipment also optimizes it in size and weight, easy to install and use, and provides a new solution for promoting the balanced development of education.

    In addition, Wenxiang also showed a 4K mobile training recording car specially designed for training teaching.This product combines the actual needs of training teaching to provide a comprehensive solution.Equipped with three high -definition cameras, which can record the teaching and training process in all directions, and use HD recording and real -time transmission functions, suitable for a variety of teaching scenarios.Its mobility characteristics make training teaching no longer limited to fixed places. It provides more vivid and intuitive teaching experience for training teaching, and provides educators with more teaching choices.

    Wenxiang also exhibited the nationwide 4K domestic portable portable recording equipment.This product not only has high performance and stability, but also its national production characteristics, ensure the safety and stability of the equipment, and provide users with a reliable and efficient recording and broadcast solution.In the field of military industry, the device can be used for meeting records and training demonstrations, easily capture key information, and supports subsequent analysis.In the field of education, it can be used as a teaching auxiliary tool to help teachers easily record the classroom content and realize online and offline mixed teaching.

    Wenxiang also showed the newly upgraded smart blackboard and interactive smart tablet.These products have been fully upgraded in terms of functions and performance to enhance intelligent interaction with users in all aspects.The smart blackboard has touch writing and multimedia display functions, making classroom teaching more vivid and interesting; interactive smart tablets provide a convenient human -computer interaction experience to make learning easier and efficient.The upgrading of these products not only enhances the teaching experience, but also promotes the digital transformation of the education industry.

    Wenxiang also exhibited the Koran Digital Laboratory solution, which is a comprehensive intelligent assessment laboratory solution launched by Wenxiang -Cororan’s comprehensive intelligent evaluation laboratory.The solution is based on “platform+hardware+service”. Through the combination of software and hardware, it solves the information construction needs of science, chemical, and student experiments.

    Wenxiang’s new product release ceremony Jilin Station was successfully held, showing Wenxiang’s innovative achievements and technical strength in the field of education technology, so that the participants deeply felt the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and smart education, and also provided them with broader ideas and inspirationEssenceIn the future, Wenxiang will continue to pay attention to the development trends and demand of the education industry, continuously optimize the product plan and service system, provide users with more comprehensive and efficient education technology solutions, and contribute to the progress and development of the education industry.At the same time, Wenxiang will strengthen cooperation and exchanges with agents and partners, and jointly explore the road of innovation in the education industry.

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