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[Kungang Time Review] "Starch intestine collapse house" indicates that food safety is not allowed to underestimate industry norms. – Crafts-export
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[Kungang Time Review] "Starch intestine collapse house" indicates that food safety is not allowed to underestimate industry norms.

  In 2024, the starch intestine collapse incident became the focus of public opinion, which caused widespread attention from all walks of life.This incident not only exposed the problems in the production field of starch sausages, but also sounded the alarm of food safety.In the face of this incident, we must not only analyze the reasons behind it, but also explore how to strengthen industry specifications to ensure food safety.

  The cause of the starch intestinal collapse house is that some starchy products are exposed to use chicken bone mud instead of chicken, which is charged in the secondary, and the fat content is getting higher and higher.As soon as this news came out, it immediately caused panic and doubts of consumers.Although some manufacturers and industry experts later clarified that not all starchy products used chicken bone mud, and chicken bone mud was not a raw material for the state for food, but this incident had caused a lot of impact on the starch intestine industry.

  From this incident, it is not difficult to see the importance of food safety issues.Food safety is directly related to the health and life safety of the people, and is an important part of the livelihood project.However, in recent years, food safety incidents have frequently excessive, from the Sudan Red incident to the melamine incident, and to the starch intestine collapse incident, every time it is shocking.These incidents not only harmed consumers’ rights and interests, but also seriously affected the healthy development of related industries.

  So, why do food safety issues repeatedly banned?On the one hand, in order to pursue the maximization of profits, some enterprises will produce foods with inferior raw materials; on the other hand, there are also loopholes and deficiencies in industry supervision, resulting in some illegal enterprises to drill empty.In addition, consumers’ understanding and vigilance of food safety also need to be improved.

  In response to the starch intestine collapse incident, we believe that we should strengthen industry specifications and food safety management from the following aspects.First of all, the government should strengthen supervision, formulate stricter food safety regulations and standards, and strictly crack down on illegal and violations.Secondly, enterprises should consciously abide by laws and regulations, operate honesty to ensure product quality and safety.At the same time, industry associations and media should also play an active role to strengthen industry self -discipline and public opinion supervision.Finally, consumers should also raise awareness of food safety, choose regular channels to buy food, and report and protect their rights in time for foods suspected of suspected problems.

  It is worth mentioning that in the starch intestine collapse incident, some compliance companies have also been affected.This reminds us that when dealing with food safety issues, we should maintain an objective and fair attitude, which must not only severely crack down on illegal and violations, but also protect the legitimate rights and interests of law -abiding enterprises.

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